Police: Men punch and rob boy

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Big bullies

Cops arrested two men who allegedly punched a boy, causing bruising and swelling to his right eye and temple, and stole his headphones on Ocean Parkway on Sept. 27.

The victim told police he was walking to school near Brighton Beach Avenue at 9 am when he was approached by the two, who allegedly punched him, took his headphones, and demanded his phone, according to police.

Gunpoint robbery

Two louts held up a man at gunpoint inside his car on Mermaid Avenue on Sept. 28.

The looters forcibly stole his phone and $187 from the man’s parked car near W. 15th Street at 8:40 pm, according to cops.

They then jumped out of the victim’s car and fled toward W. 16th Street, cops said.

Beer can brigand

A brute hit a man in the head with a beer can and dragged on the ground on Oceanview Avenue on Sept. 24.

The victim was sitting on the sidewalk near Brighton Eighth Street at 6:50 pm when the bruiser assaulted him, police reported.

Bat beating

Two villains hit a man with a baseball bat on Neptune Avenue on Sept. 24.

The goons hit him in the left arm and right eye and fled in a black Highlander toward Brighton Seventh Street at 7:35 pm, according to police.

Hurting the helpers

Cops cuffed a man who they say struck a fire department paramedic’s face, cheek, and head, while in an ambulance, causing minor scrapes and pain, on E. 12th Street on Sept. 25.

The ambulance crew was treating him after a 911 call of an intoxicated man near Neptune Avenue at 2 am, according to police.

Cut up

Officers arrested man for allegedly slashing two women with a box-cutter at a bodega Brighton Beach Avenue on Sept. 29.

The man assaulted the women near Brighton Fifth Street at 6 pm, cutting them on the arm and neck, and they were taken to Coney Island Hospital for treatment, according to cops.

Bottle brute

A baddie hit a man from behind with a glass bottle on W. 23rd Street on Sept. 30.

The victim was arguing with the attacker near Mermaid Avenue at 4:30 am when the scoundrel smashed the bottle over his head, according to cops. The victim was taken to Coney Island Hospital, police reported.

High-tech heist

A burglar looted an electronics store on Mermaid Avenue on Sept. 24.

The thief broke into the store near W. 28th Street at 8:15 pm through the bathroom ceiling, disconnected the alarm, and stole phones and other electronics, according to the police report.

Not so safe

Police arrested a man who allegedly burgled another man’s apartment on W. 20th Street on Sept. 27.

The suspect allegedly broke into the man’s apartment near Surf Avenue at 2 pm and stole his safe — which contained paperwork, money, and jewelry, according to police.

Circular saw crook

A thief stole tools from a man’s Bath Avenue home on Sept. 21.

The thief stole a circular saw and jackhammer from an unlocked garage near Bay 43rd Street at 5 pm, according to police.

Wood-n’t you like these back

A crook robbed a commercial building on Surf Avenue on Sept. 28.

The thief stole copper piping, wooden pieces, and other items from the building near W. 22nd Street at 3 pm, according to police.

Q train bandit

A jerk stole a man’s belongings after he fell asleep on a Coney Island-bound Q train on Sept. 29.

The victim told cops he boarded the train at Lexington Avenue station in Manhattan, and fell asleep near Brighton Sixth Street at 4 am, according to police.

He woke up at the Stilwell Avenue stop and noticed that someone had stolen his wallet, phone, and backpack, including his MacBook Pro laptop.

— Brianna Kudisch

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