Police slay T-shirt vendor amid Brownsville attack

Police slay T-shirt vendor amid Brownsville attack
Photo by Mark Hallum

Police gunned down a man in Brownsville after he beat a cop with a chair on Friday night.

Officers with the 73rd Precinct were in the process of arresting a man who “urinated in the middle” of a nail salon on Mother Gaston Boulevard near Sutter Avenue at 5:40 pm, when a nearby T-shirt vendor moved to intervene and ended up brawling with police, according to NYPD Chief of Patrol Rodney Harrison.

The officers tased their assailant, but the shock failed to subdue him, and he brutally struck one patrolman with a chair to the head, Harrison said.

That’s when his partner opened fire, striking the suspect six times, according to Harrison.

The T-shirt salesman perished at the scene, while doctors placed the officer who suffered the head blow into a medically induced coma, Harrison said.

The guy who peed in the nail salon was ultimately arrested, and charges are pending.

One witness claimed to know the slain vendor, describing him as a “church-going man.”

Another neighborhood resident said the man was known in the community as “2.5, because he’d slap the s— out of you in 2.5 seconds.”

Police have been involved in four shootings over the past two weeks, most recently slaying a man after he shot a cop in Harlem on Wednesday.

— Additional reporting by Ben Verde

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