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Police: Suspect beat cop with flashlight during pot arrest

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Flash hit

Cops collared a guy who they say bashed a police officer with a flashlight after he was arrested for possessing pot on Irving Place on Dec. 22.

Officers said they stopped a Ford Mustang with excessive window tints near Gates Avenue at 10:45 pm, and inside they allegedly found the vehicle’s occupants were carrying a big stash of weed, so they began making arrests.

But as the cops were cuffing them, one of the suspects allegedly hit one of the officers in the back of the head with the torch, cutting the cop’s head and giving him a concussion, police said.

That blows

A bad guy stole a snow blower from a Washington Avenue building on Dec. 22.

The super of the building by Myrtle Avenue found security footage of the cold-hearted crook going in the back of the building and taking the tool at around 4 pm, cops said.

Christmas Eve crook

A scrooge swiped a diner’s credit card from near the cash register of a S. Elliott Place restaurant on Dec. 24.

The victim gave his plastic to a waitress to pay for his meal at the eatery by Fulton Street at 5 pm, and the server then told him that his card had been pocketed by some crook, who proceeded to make two purchases at a nearby liquor store, according to a police report.

Three on one

A trio of baddies mugged a guy for his phone on Fort Greene Place on Dec. 20.

The victim was strolling near DeKalb Avenue at 4:10 pm when the three goons approached him and asked for the time, before one of the louts said, “Take the phone out or we’ll hit you,” according to police.

The victim complied and the jerks made him change his password before grabbing the phone and running off, cops said.

Side-door sneak

A snake broke into a S. Portland Avenue restaurant and stole $700 on Dec. 18.

The eatery’s owner told police the thief entered through the side door of the eatery near Fulton Street between midnight and noon, damaging its lock, and then lifted a hefty chunk of change in rolled coins and cash.

— Lauren Gill

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