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Police: Suspect lies about being beaten and robbed

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Bogus bust

Cops arrested a 25-year-old woman after she allegedly lied to police on April 13, falsely claiming she was beaten on 25th Street and her rental car stolen.

The suspect told police she was sitting in her rental car near Fourth Avenue at 10 a.m. when the suspect punched her through the window and drove off with the vehicle in a heist reminiscent of the Grand Theft Auto video game series.

But police later discovered the woman was lying through her teeth, fabricating the entire incident, cops said.

Benz better

Some jerk smashed the sunroof of a man’s car he parked on Sixth Avenue on April 10.

The victim told police he left his 2016 Mercedes Benz between 40th and 41st streets at 1 p.m., and returned the next day to find his skyward-facing window on his luxury vehicle obliterated.

Car crook

Police busted a 34-year-old man for allegedly trying to sneak into cars parked along 57th Street on April 11.

A resident living between Seventh and Eighth avenues spotted the suspect prowling up and down the block, pulling on car-door handles at 9:25 p.m., eventually to a red Toyota Sienna.

Police came and busted the guy on an attempted felony unauthorized use of a motor vehicle charge, noting that the suspect is known to the department as an “auto-crime recidivist,” cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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