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Police: Suspect picks fight, damages doors at pharmacy

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Door boor

Cops arrested a guy who they say was fighting in the lobby of a Smith Street pharmacy on Oct. 6.

The suspect was arguing with another guy and breaking the automatic doors to the store at Warren Street in Cobble Hill at 3:50 am, police said.

A clerk confronted him, and the guy ran, but police picked him up a block away on Baltic Street between Smith and Court streets at 4:20 am, a police report states.

Beat down

Five fiends jumped a guy on Columbia Street on Oct. 5 and beat him badly enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.

The bruisers surrounded the guy between Mill Street and Centre Mall in Red Hook at 9 pm, police said. They savaged the guy so badly that he went to Methodist Hospital with a fractured eye socket, police said.

Bad calling

A misogynistic mugger punched a woman over a $66 cellphone on Columbia Street on Oct. 5.

The woman was between Creamer and Lorraine streets in Red Hook at 12:15 pm when the brute hit her in the head twice and swiped the phone, police said.

Hail fail

An opportunist took an Uber driver’s company-issued cellphone as the working stiff was helping a fare out of his car on Henry Street on Sept. 29.

The driver was parked near Carroll Street in Carroll Gardens at 6 pm when the brigand swooped in and took the phone, officials said.

— Max Jaeger

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