Police: Suspect struck woman with umbrella

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Umbrella attack

Police arrested a man who they say bashed a woman in the head with an umbrella inside her Nevins Street apartment on Dec. 2.

The 43-year-old victim told cops that the alleged thug struck her in the head in her home between Wyckoff and Baltic streets at 2 am.

She was hit so hard that she started to bleed.

Bag snagged

A hotheaded crook shoved a woman and ripped her purse right off her shoulder on Ninth Street on Nov. 30.

The 34-year-old victim told cops she was near Fifth Avenue at 6:30 pm when the female fiend struck her from behind and then forcefully grabbed her $300 Coach purse holding her credit cards and passport before running off.

Pricey break-in

A thief broke into a woman’s Fourth Avenue apartment and made off with a laptop and more than $9,000 worth of jewelry on Nov. 27.

The 27-year-old victim told cops that the she left her abode between Degraw and Douglass streets at 4:30 pm, and when she came back nearly three hours later she noticed that the front lock of her door was damaged.

When she got inside she realized that her MacBook laptop, her $7,000 diamond bracelet, $2,000 worth of rings, and $500 worth of necklaces were stolen.

Stolen purse

A thief copped a woman’s purse when she was shopping in a Flatbush Avenue department store on Nov. 27.

The 29-year-old victim told cops that when she was perusing the store near Atlantic Avenue at 4 pm, she stepped away from her shopping cart that was carrying her purse to pick up an item.

When she came back minutes later her Coach purse containing $120 in cash and credit cards was gone.

When the victim went to put a stop on her credit cards she discovered that the perp used her credit card to buy a ticket for the Long Island Rail Road at 4:30 pm.

iPhone snatched

A crook snatched a woman’s iPhone out of her hands when she was on Seventh Avenue on Nov. 26.

The 48-year-old victim told cops that she was near Fourth Street at 8 pm when the thug came up from behind her, swiftly seized her cellular device, and ran off toward Third Street.

Almost too easy

A bandit seized a woman’s purse while she was inside a Second Avenue bar on Dec. 2.

The 24-year-old victim told police that she was on line waiting to check in her coat at the bar between 13th and 14th streets at 2 am when she accidentally dropped her bag on the ground.

The perp nonchalantly scooped up the victim’s leather bag, holding her iPhone and $550 in cash, and continued to walk outside.

Close, but no cigar

A second-rate crook punched an employee of a Fifth Avenue clothing boutique in the face after he failed to steal an iPad.

The 41-year-old victim who works at the shop between Douglass and Degraw streets told cops that the thug was in the store and asked to see a certain T-shirt at 3:55 pm.

When the employee left, a witness shopping in the boutique told police that the perp grabbed an iPad from behind the counter.

The suspect tried making off with the pricey device, but was halted when the employee held him back.

“I didn’t steal this!” the perp contested.

To break away, the miscreant pushed the victim down, decked her in the face, and fled down Degraw Street.

Scaffold jackers

Two delinquents stole two engines worth $16,000 from the scaffolding of an Eighth Avenue construction site on Nov. 29.

Witnesses told police that the perps climbed up the scaffolding at the site between President and Carroll streets at 8 pm, grabbed the pricey goods, put them in the back of their black Chevy pick up truck, and fled the scene.

Sneaky stealer

A sly thief slipped the wallet out of a woman’s purse when she was shoe shopping inside a Flatbush Avenue chain store on Nov. 30.

The victim told cops that she placed her half-way open bag down on a bench inside the store near Atlantic Avenue at 5:20 pm when she went to go look at a pair of shoes that caught her eye.

The victim realized nearly an hour later that her wallet, holding her credit cards and Social Security card, was missing.

— Natalie Musumeci

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