Police: Three seperate shootings in Williamsburg

90th Precinct


So many shootings

Three unrelated shootings occurred in the precinct this week, police said. Here’s the rundown:

• A gun-toting goon hit a man twice in the back at a Moore Street home on May 31, police said.

Officials found ballistic evidence at the scene near Humboldt Street after reviewing the incident, which occurred around 4 pm, police stated.

• Someone shot and killed a man on Berry Street on June 4.

The Williamsburg resident was found near S. Ninth Street at 11 am and rushed to the hospital, but doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival, police said.

• Another shooter hit his victim two times to the left leg on Bushwick Avenue on June 4.

The victim was inside the lobby of a building near Boerum Street at 11:45 pm when the gunman hit him. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but police said he was highly uncooperative.

Car con

A trickster pretended to be a rental car company employee and drove off with a vehicle from a Havemeyer Street garage on June 1, police said.

A husband-and-wife couple told cops they were returning the car to the garage near Metropolitan Avenue after a test drive at around 10 pm, when the charlatan approached them and said the car needed to be serviced, so the pair left the vehicle with him.

The woman then went back to the car to retrieve her phone and the so-called employee, who was sitting inside, handed it to he, saying the company was then in possession of the vehicle, the report said.

The couple left, but the woman later got notice that the car was never returned, and she realized the unknown man was not an employee after all, the report said.

Subway ambush

Four toughs attacked a 15-year-old boy on a Queens-bound subway train on June 5, a police report said.

The victim and his uncle got on board at the Marcy Avenue stop and said the criminal quartet boarded at Hewes Street around 1:30 am. The guys then started staring at the boy and when the train reached the Lorimer Street station, one came up to him and said, “Run your pockets,” according to the police report.

The boy said he didn’t have anything, but the brutes punched him on the left side of his face, knocking him to the floor and four louts then beat and stomped on him, police said.

The miscreants then took his cellphone, Yankees baseball cap, sweater, and an earring, before walking to the next train car, police said.

Bad ad

Two gun-packing punks stole a guy’s wallet, two cellphones, and $350 during an attempted Craigslist exchange on Moore Street on June 4, police said.

The victim thought he was meeting the men at Bushwick Avenue at 9:15 pm to sell them his phone, police said.

But when they met up, one of the goons said he needed to go to his apartment near Flushing Avenue to get his money, police said.

The weasel said his apartment was on the seventh floor of the building, but the elevator took them to the eighth floor — at which point he pulled out a gun on the victim while his accomplice stole the man’s wallet, phones, and money, the police report said.

The dastardly duo then fled through the stairwell once the elevator stopped, police said.

Don’t swing!

A brute attacked a man with a bat at a park at River Street on June 2, police said.

The victim and a witness told authorities they were hanging out at the Grand Ferry Park on Grand Street around 2 am when the knuckle-dragger got physical, a police report said.

The ruffian grabbed a bat from his car and chased the victim around the park, finally catching up and hitting him on the left side of his head, causing it to swell up, bleed, and bruise, the report said.

The victim told cops he knew the offender because he is part of a gang in his neighborhood, police said.

— Tatiana Hernandez

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