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Police: Trio assaults bodega clerk and steal duffel bag full of Red Bull

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Caffeine addicts

Police arrested three men who they say tried to steal a duffel bag full of Red Bull from a 20th Avenue bodega on June 14.

The men entered the bodega between 61st and 62nd street at 11 pm, when they shoved as many cans of the energy drink as they could carry into a bag and tried to flee the store, said police.

But when the clerk approached them, two of the men punched him in the face, police said. Officers on the scene arrested the trio, authorities said.

Toothbrush bandits

Two toughs stole a bundle of toothbrushes from an 86th Street drugstore on June 6.

The clerk told police that the baddies grabbed the dental goods from the chain store between Bay 40th and Bay 41st streets at 8 am and tried to flee the scene. But one of the thieves pulled out a knife and said, “Get the f— out of my way,” so the clerk let them go, said police.

Car raid

Police arrested two men for breaking into a guy’s car and stealing his stuff on 66th Street at 18th Avenue on June 3.

The victim told police he was at work at noon when he spotted two men riffling through his van. The quick-thinking man grabbed his phone and began filming the two prowlers, said police. He handed the footage over to police, who were able to make an arrest, officials said.

Where’s my car?

A carjacker drove off with a woman’s vehicle on Bay 17th Street on June 14.

The woman told police that she parked her 2012 gray Nissan Altima between 86th Street and Benson Avenue at 10 am. When she returned later that day the car was gone — and she initially thought she forgot where she actually parked the car.

But after a brief search, the woman realized someone drove off with her wheels, said police.

— Caroline Spivack

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