Police: Trio attack man for cellphone and wallet

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Violent robbery

Police arrested one of three men who they say assaulted and robbed a man on Neptune Avenue on May 29.

The victim told police he was between W. Sixth and W. Fifth streets at 2 am when the trio pounced and landed a punch that knocked him to the ground, according to police. One of the suspects then stood on the victim’s left hand, ordering the victim not to look at him, before frisking him and taking off with the victim’s wallet and cellphone, according to a police report.

Police said the man suffered an injury to his left hand, and had a deep cut and swelling to his mouth.

Police searched the area and were able to apprehend one of the suspects and found the victim’s wallet, but his cellphone was not recovered, according to police.

Chatty crooks

Police cuffed three men who they say attacked and a man and stole his cellphone at the W. Eighth Street subway station on May 19.

Officials say the victim was at the station between W. 10th and W. Fifth streets at 1:45 am when three men in their late teens to early 30s started talking to him. One of the men suddenly socked the victim in the face, and while he was down, the trio ran off with the man’s phone.

Police said the victim was left with painful swelling to his left eye.

Three on one

A bold broad and her two companions held a man at knifepoint on Bay 46th Street on May 29 and made off with his wallet.

The victim told police he was between Cropsey and Haraway Avenues at 10:30 am when the young woman approached him and demanded he turn over his cash.

The victim said the crook was then joined by another woman and a man. The male goon brandished a knife, and tried to choke the victim in a headlock, cops said. The three then frisked the victim and took his wallet, which contained $300 and his passport, according to police.

Police said the suspects fled the scene, and the victim was not serioulsy injured.

In the line of duty

A teen pushed a police officer to the floor at the Stillwell Avenue train station on May 26.

Police say the officer was responding to a call of a teen slapping a woman on the platform of the station near Surf Avenue at 6 pm. When the officer attempted to intervene, the hot-tempered teen turned his attention on the cop and pushed him to the ground, authorities reported.

The fall caused the officer to cut and bruise his left hand and wrist, according to police.

Early morning break-in

An early-bird thief robbed a 51-year-old man’s Brighton 11th Street apartment on May 23.

Police said the suspect entered the apartment between Ocean View Avenue and Cass Place at 7 am. He got away with some jewelry, a backpack, and sunglasses, according to a police report.

Officials say the suspect has been identified but has not been caught.

— Alexandra Simon

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