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Police: Trio knocks man unconscious in brutal brawl

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Brutal brawl

Cops cuffed one out of three men who they say viciously attacked two men on Brightwater Court on Nov. 11.

The victim told police he was sitting in his car at Brighton Sixth Street at 4:20 am when his cousin came running to his car with three men in pursuit.

He got out of his car to help when the arrested man allegedly punched him in the face, cops said.

Police said the same guy then punched the victim’s cousin, who fell to the ground, and then kicked him in the face and took off his leather jacket.

The second suspect allegedly went through the cousin’s pants while he was on the ground unconscious and bleeding from his face, according to the police report. This same suspect was also allegedly wielding a broken glass bottle in his hand, and threatened the victim with it, cops said.

A third suspect also allegedly punched the cousin and appeared to have a sharp object in his hand, according to cops.

The second and third suspects fled towards Riegelmann Boardwalk while cops arrested the first, according to the authorities.

Paramedics took the cousin to Lutheran Hospital for evaluation, cops said.

Bodega bandit

A scoundrel stole a man’s phone at a bodega on Neptune Avenue on Nov 7.

The victim told police that as he was trying to buy something at the store near W. 15th Street at 8:07 pm, the punk tried to take a $20 bill from his hand, ripping the bill in the process, and then grabbed the victim’s phone from his front pocket and made a run for it.

AC buster

A burglar broke into a man’s apartment on W. 33rd Street on Nov. 11.

The prowler broke into the victim’s apartment between Neptune and Bayview avenues at 1:30 pm by pushing the air conditioner into the window, and bagged electronics, a THC cartridge, and vaporizer pipes, according to cops.

The punk then opened the front door and made away, according to cops.

Phantom filcher

A thief looted belongings from a woman’s car parked on Bay 46th Street on Nov. 7.

The victim told cops she left the vehicle near Bath Avenue at around midnight, and returned later to find her iPad, jewelry, and a Sony laptop missing.

The victim told cops that she locked the card and that there wasn’t a second key, but there was no sign of force entry and no broken glass, according to the police.

Apple thief

A bandit stole an iPhone from a Mermaid Avenue store on Nov. 9.

The thief snatched the iPhone X2 from the display and left the store near W. 31st Street without paying, according to cops.

Bag snatcher

A villain snatched a woman’s purse on West Street on Nov. 10.

The victim told police she was on her way home between Avenues Y and Z at 1:20 pm when the nogoodnik, dressed in all black, grabbed her bag from her shoulder and then fled in a black car.

— Kevin Duggan

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