Police: Woman sent herself cocaine through the mail

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Special delivery

Cops arrested a 30-year-old woman accused of sending herself eight ounces of cocaine through the mail to her Carroll Street heating supply shop on Jan. 24.

The suspect accepted a package addressed and delivered to herself at the store between Third Avenue and Nevins Street at 12:10 pm, and police cuffed her that day on a felony possession charge, cops said.

Candy man

Police have given up searching for the candy salesmen who scammed a guy at Atlantic Terminal on Jan. 23.

The victim told police he exchanged cash for the confections with the candy crook inside the subway station near Flatbush Avenue at 5:05 pm.

But there was a problem — the victim handed the candy man a whopping heap of cash, and was owed $120 in change, according to the report. Instead, the sweets scammer scampered off with the victim’s dough, police said.

Rough commute

Cops have called off the hunt for the creep who threatened a woman’s life on a 2 train at Grand Army Plaza on Jan. 23.

The victim told police she became embroiled in a shouting match with the wacko as her train approached the station near Flatbush Avenue at 5:45 pm, and claims the miscreant followed her after she disembarked, saying she knows where she lives, where she works, and that she won’t be safe.

— Colin Mixson