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Pot head identified as Flatbush skull breaker

Nabbed for robbery

A dangerous 22-year-old was arrested for a January E. 18 robbery — after the young tough was busted on marijuana possession charges on Feb. 20.

Police said it didn’t take long to link the man, who was apprehended on Flatbush Avenue between Church and Snyder avenues, to the E. 18th Street heist that took place between Albemarle and Beverly roads on Jan. 25. Police said the thief pistol-whipped one of his three victims during the robbery, leaving the man with a fractured skull.

The 22-year-old was charged with assault in the first degree and attempted robbery.

Heavily armed

A 28-year-old woman with an assortment of weapons was arrested on Feb. 19 after she maced a man during an altercation on Avenue D.

The victim told police that he was having words with the woman near Flatbush Avenue at 2 pm when she threatened him with a knife, but then opted to mace him.

When she was apprehended, cops found the knife, as well as a padlock in a sock, prosecutors said.

Busted for robbery

A 16-year-old was arrested on Feb. 4 after he and a crew of cohorts surrounded and robbed another teen of his cellphone on Campus Road.

The victim told police that he was nearing E. 21st Street at 3:40 pm when the five hooligans attacked. The thieves held him down and went through his pockets, taking his cellphone, the victim told police.

Gunning for trouble

A 21-year-old pistoleer found himself unarmed on Feb. 12 after he threatened to shoot his loud upstairs neighbors.

Cops were called to the Church Avenue home, which is between Flatbush and Bedford avenues, at 6:30 am after he pulled his gun, told a neighbor what he was going to do, and stormed off.

Cops tracked down the alleged gunman, and found him — and a loaded, defaced .45 caliber pistol — in his car a short time later.

Making a point

Cops apprehended a 46-year-old man on Rutland Road and E. 92nd Street on Feb. 14 after he threatened another man with a knife.

The two men were arguing near E. 92nd Street at 9:45 pm when the man made the threats.

Flatlands stabber nabbed

A 22-year-old was arrested this week for stabbing someone on E. 48th Street last November.

Police said that the suspect repeatedly jammed a knife into his victim’s chest and body during the 11:30 am attack, which happened between Kings Highway and Avenue I, and landed the victim in the hospital for seven days.

Gunning for cash

Two pistol-packing thieves held up a 30-year-old man on Avenue H and Troy Avenue on Feb. 7, taking $300.

The victim was near Troy Avenue when the thieves pressed the gun against his head, then ran off after taking his money, witnesses told police.

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