Potty humor: Comedians share tales of toilet tragedy

Pop a squat!: Comedian Christopher Calogero will host a show all about pooping your pants at Williamsburg’s Legion Bar on March 30.
Photo by Jordan Rathkopf

It’s Brooklyn’s number two comedy show!

A group of comedians will make a splash this week by sharing their stories about not making it to the toilet on time. The host of “Uh-Oh! Stories From People Who Pooped Their Pants,” at the Legion Bar in Williamsburg on March 30, said that he and five other jokesters will be letting it all out in their intimate stories, but he thinks that the audience will be able to digest it, he said.

“I was very nervous for a while — that people could be turned off by the subject, but the response has been so positive, people say they are excited,” said Chris Calogero, who lives in Carroll Gardens.

Calogero had his own Code Brown incident in his apartment. He had just finished having the space professionally cleaned — as a gift for his girlfriend — when things started going down, he said.

“I was hanging around in my boxers and was sitting there thinking, ‘I should go up and go to the bathroom.’ I don’t know what happened — my body went off like a pop gun,” Calogero said.

At first he was embarrassed about the accident, but after sharing his story with friends, he was soon flush with ideas for a new show.

“I was a little nervous to tell my girlfriend honestly, but once I told people, they kind of were excited to share their story, and then the floodgates opened and people just were very cool and fun and funny about sharing their stories,” said Calogero. “People didn’t cower from it, they just kind of embraced it.”

Instead of trying to wipe his slate clean of the shame, he decided he had a doody to share his story with the world, he said.

“People want to realize they are not alone in the world with this embarrassing stuff happening,” said Calogero.

During the show, which is sponsored by Squatty Potty — the life-changing defecation accessory with a silly viral commercial — Calogero will invite the audience to write down a few sentences about their own similar accidents. The person with the “Number One” story will take home their very own Squatty Potty to help things flow a little more easily, he said.

The jokes will also flow freely, but more important is the feeling of relief that audiences will get from knowing that they do not have to hold in their secrets any more, said Calogero.

“I think people will come and hear other people tell their stories and feel, ‘Cool, yeah that happens to everybody,” Calogero said. “I don’t think anyone should be embarrassed, and everyone should share their stories and come to the show and you could win a fun, cool gift from Squatty Potty.”

“Uh-Oh! Stories From People Who Pooped Their Pants” at Legion Bar [790 Metropolitan Ave. between Humboldt Street and Bushwick Avenue in Williamsburg, www.legion-bar.com]. March 30 at 8 pm. Free.

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