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Pounding at a nightclub

Nightclub melee

Cops took a man into custody after he allegedly punched and pulled a woman at a Fifth Avenue club at 2:45 am on Aug. 22.

The two were arguing inside the club, which is near 26th Street, when the disagreement turned violent and the man punched the woman in the face and began dragging her across the floor.

She was bruised on her face, neck and back; he was charged with assault.

Expensive favors

A “friend” of a man who lives on 21st Street decided to treat himself to a couple of electronics after a visit on Aug. 19.

The two men were hanging out around 4 pm at the apartment, which is between Fourth and Fifth avenues, and when the visitor left, he took his buddy’s laptop and iPhone as souvenirs.

Lock your car!

A lucky leech found an unlocked Jeep overnight on Aug. 22 on E. Third Street and helped himself to the navigation system and prescription pills.

The owner neglected to lock up his ride when he parked between Vanderbilt Street and Greenwood Avenue at 9:30 pm, and when he returned at 6:20 the next morning, his TomTom and blood pressure medication were gone.

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