Presto Chango in DUMBO!

Presto Chango in DUMBO!
Photo by Scott Suchman/Arena Stage

Forget cards, coins, magic wands and top hats — these three illusionists are the real deal.

Well, as real as magic gets, anyway.

On March 22, St. Ann’s Warehouse will play host to Dennis Diamond, Louie Magic and Daryl Hannah, a trio of magicians that star in “The Elephant Room,” a fantastical, mystical variety show that aims to amaze, inspire awe, and incite gut-busting laughs.

“It’s magic like you’ve never seen before,” said Geoff Sobelle, who conceived of the show along with writing partners Steve Cuiffo and Trey Lyford. At first, the three set out to create a stage show that would spoof magicians and magic culture, but changed their minds after meeting the Diamond, Magic and Hannah during a research trip to Las Vegas. “David Copperfield, what a pretentious guy, he’s not even nice to the audience. But when I saw real artists at work, my opinion changed — magic is mindful, it thinks about what it’s doing,” Sobelle continued. “Daryl Hannah is a very profound fellow, he practices shamanic magic, and uses it to say something about change and transformation. Louie, you should see his hands work, it’s amazing. It was the experience of seeing these guys that totally changed my mind.”

Just as a true magician never reveals his tricks, Sobelle was mum on the nuts and bolts of the “Elephant Room,” but described the performance as offering up a little bit of everything, without skimping on the classic thrill of a traditional magic show.

“You’ve got the setup and the reveal,” said Louie Magic. “There’s that moment when you inhale before your logic takes over, and you short-circuit your brain. That’s the ultimate function of magic — it takes you out of your head, and into your guts.”

“The Elephant Room” at St. Ann’s Warehouse [38 Water St. between Main and Front streets in DUMBO, (718) 254-8779]. March 22–April 8, 8 pm. For info, visit www.stannswarehouse.org.