Punch-a-thon deals violence a low blow

More than 100 boisterous warriors had a punching party at Prospect Park — and not a single cop responded!

The Center for Anti-Violence Education’s benefit “punch-a-thon” dealt a low blow, Saturday, to youth and adult aggression as members teamed up with like-minded pacifists for a community air pummel-fest just inside the Lincoln Road entrance — completing 1,000 martial arts-style wallops, and dedicating each set of 100 to eliminating violence against people and the environment.

“It was little bit of a workout!” joked Executive Director Tracy Hobson, a martial arts buff with 11 years of Goju-ryu karate, and five years of Tai Chi, experience under her belt.

The sluggers took a couple of breaks in between to soothe their sore arms, and watched a board-breaking demo by children in the Power, Action, Change for Teens program, plus a youth art presentation by the Children’s Empowerment Project. Then, it was back to pow-pow-powing away to raise money for the Park Slope group which provides self-defense, violence prevention and empowerment programs for at-risk communities.

Hobson’s staff didn’t let her down, either.

“It was very invigorating and fulfilling feeling!” said Administrator Lesley Wynn, among those who helped pit their fists for a sweeter world.

Both women agreed that uniting the community was the best part of the day. In fact, park-goers were so smitten by the infectious pulp-fest — accompanied by kihaps, short guttural breaths also known as “spirit breaths” — that they joined in, too!

“It was an opportunity for the community to come together, build their strength and make a commitment to ending violence in all its forms, everywhere,” said Hobson.

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