Punched and mugged on Lorimer

Face off

Two perps punched a man in the face on Lorimer Street and stole his phone on May 3.

The victim told police that he was near Bayard Street at 6:10 pm when the robbers approached him and punched him. One took his phone before the pair fled.

Cops say they arrested the troublemakers later that day.


A perp took a man’s phone and cash on Meserole Avenue on May 8.

The victim told police that he was near Leonard Street at 2:25 am when the perp stopped him and asked, “Do you have any money?”
The victim said no, so the perp punched him and took his phone.

Bedford burg

A thief took an iPad, laptop and backpack from a Bedford Avenue apartment on May 5.

The tenant told police that he left his apartment near N. Seventh Street at 1 pm and returned 10 hours later to find his stuff gone.

Wheel news

At least three vehicles were abused last week:

• A thief stole a backpack and sound recorder from a car that had been parked on Wythe Avenue on May 5. The driver told police that she parked near N. Fourth Street at 11:30 pm, but when she returned at 8 am, the car had been moved to Monitor Street and the stuff had been taken from the trunk.

•A thief stole a Mazda on N. Fifth Street overnight on May 4. The driver told police that she had parked the car near Kent Avenue at 8 pm.

• A thief stole a Ford van from Greenpoint Avenue on May 5. The driver told police he that he had parked near Provost Street at 9 am and returned 12 hours later to find the van missing.

— Aaron Short