Punched out on N. Henry Street

94th Precinct


Punching bag

A perp punched a woman in front of her N. Henry Street house and stole her bag on Dec. 7.

The victim was on her stoop near Norman Avenue at 5:45 pm when the perp tapped her on the shoulder before punching her in the face, taking her bag, and fleeing.

Unwanted lobby

A thief mugged a woman for her purse inside her Kingsland Avenue building on Dec. 7.

The perp followed his victim into the lobby near Lombardy Street at 9:15 pm, covered her mouth and struggled with her. She screamed, but he took her bag with her wallet, phone and iPod inside, and ran out the door.

Phone grab

A thief punched a man in the back of his head and stole his phone on Bedford Avenue on Dec. 11.

The victim was near N. 14th Street at 2:30 am when the perp approached him, punched his head, and grabbed the device.

Bullets fly

A disgruntled ex fired 16 rounds into a Frost Street building on Dec. 10, startling its tenant, cops said.

The tenant was cooking in the kitchen of her unit near Morgan Avenue at 8 pm when she heard shots fired and saw several bullet holes in her door.

Skilled fight

Two men were arrested after a violent clash in a Skillman Avenue building on Dec. 10.

The men started arguing with each other near Kingsland Avenue at 9:41 pm, but the argument turned violent and one man cut the other’s hand with a sharp object. The victim then became the perp, slicing back and cutting the man’s arm.

Both suspects were taken to the hospital, treated for their wounds, and taken into police custody.

Lots of dough

A thief stole a cash register from a N. Fifth Street tavern on Dec. 6.

The perp broke into the business at 2:45 am and took the register, before fleeing to Berry Street.

Staples swiped

Two thieves stole electronics from the Staples on Morgan Avenue on Dec. 8.

The thieves cut a hole through the Sheetrock in the employee section of the store near Lombardy Street at 12:33 am, and took several laptops and cameras.

Laptop taken

A perp stole a laptop from a Union Avenue apartment on Dec. 9.

The tenant left her apartment near Withers Street at 12:30 pm and returned six hours later to find her front door open and her stuff gone.

Xmas x’d

A thief stole Christmas toys from a car on Morgan Avenue overnight on Dec. 7.

The driver parked near Maspeth Avenue at 11:30 pm and four hours later to find that his passenger-side window was broken and his toys, iPhone and laptop were missing.

Wallet taken

A thief stole a handbag, wallet and gift card from a car on Wythe Avenue overnight on Dec. 9.

The driver parked near N. 12th Street at 11 pm, but when she returned at 3:30 am, her stuff was gone.

iPod removed

A thief stole an iPod and credit card from a car on Bedford Avenue on Dec. 11.

The driver parked near Lorimer Street at 7:30 am and returned three hours later to find her window smashed and her stuff missing.

Neon gone

A thief stole a Dodge from Nassau Avenue early on Dec. 7.

The driver parked near Apollo Street at 12:32 am and returned six hours later to find the car gone.

— Aaron Short