Punchy about cellphones

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst-Bath Beach

Beaten for cell

Three thugs attacked a 25-year-old on Avenue O on Oct. 22 — stealing the man’s cellphone after they cracked a bottle over his head.

The victim was between W. Seventh and W. Eighth streets at 3 am when the suspects jumped him, leaving him with injuries that required medical attention at Lutheran Medical Center.

Two on two

A pair of crooks jumped two teens on 63rd Street on Oct. 24, robbing them of their cellphones and backpack.

The victims, both 16, were approaching 18th Avenue when the suspects approached.

One of the thugs punched one of the victims in the face while the other put his prey in a headlock during the 7:30 pm robbery, police were told.

Sneaker stealers

Cops arrested two men who they claim swiped a pair of sneakers from a 14-year-old boy on 15th Avenue during an Oct. 24 robbery.

The teen was nearing 70th Street at 6:10 pm when the thieves approached and attacked — punching their victim repeatedly as they forced him to give up his footwear.

The thieves ran off, but they didn’t get far: cops caught up with them later that evening, charging them with robbery.

Coach crime

A thief broke into a 19th Avenue home on Oct. 27 — taking four pricey Coach bags.

The victim, 39, said she left her house near 19th Lane at 11 am. When she returned several hours later, she realized that the thieves had forced in the front door and ransacked the place.

Brazen bike theft

A sneaky thief crept down an 85th Street resident’s driveway on Oct. 26 just so he could get his hands on a bike locked up by the back of the house.

The owner of the home near 21st Avenue said her son had locked up his prized Trek bike at 9 pm. When he went out to get it early the next morning, it was gone.

Up in smoke

A burglar swiped more than $20,000 from a 61st Street home on Oct. 23 — but then had to make a hasty exit when his crime was discovered.

Police were told that the thief jimmied the lock to the basement door of the home near 19th Avenue at 12:10 am and found the cash in a cigar box, but was seen coming out of the home. The thief was last seen running toward 20th Avenue as police were called.

Laptop pilfer

A thief broke into a 15th Avenue home on Oct. 22, taking two laptop computers.

The victim, who lives near 89th Street, told police that someone forced in a back window sometime after 9 am.

Card swipe

A thief broke into a car parked on 85th Street on Oct. 26, taking a wallet full of credit cards.

The 60-year-old victim left the car near 17th Avenue at 4 pm, but when he returned a few hours later he realized that someone had forced open his window and removed his wallet — then used the cards to make a number of purchases, police said.

— Thomas Tracy

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