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Punk pistol-whips man for wallet and phone

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate


A punk pistol-whipped a guy and stole his wallet and phone on Neptune Avenue in Brighton Beach on April 1.

The victim was near Brighton Fifth Street riding his bike home from work at 1:30 am when the galoot stopped him, whipped out a black handgun, and demanded money, police said.

The cyclist said he had no cash, so the ogre smacked him in the face with his gun and took the guy’s phone and a wallet containing $90, a police report states.

Jumped for cash

A trio of toughs beat a Cropsey Avenue store clerk and stole from his register on April 2.

The goons burst into the store between Hart Place and Neptune Avenue in Gravesend at 9:10 am, surrounding the cashier and smacking him until his face was bruised, police said. Then the muggers took $300 and fled, a police report states.

Fare strike

Two brutes beat a guy on a bus at the corner of Neptune Avenue and W. 33rd Street in Coney Island on April 1.

The fiends followed their victim onto a B74 bus at 4:50 pm, where one heathen whipped the guy with a belt buckle while the other choked him, police said. The louts didn’t steal anything from the guy, a police report states.

Knife to meet you

Three no-goodniks knifed a stranger for no apparent reason in front of an Ocean Parkway hospital on April 4.

The victim was sitting in his car between Avenue Z and Ocean Parkway in Sheepshead Bay at 9:22 pm when the trio surrounded the vehicle, smashed a window, and slashed the guy in the kisser, officials said.

Clerk clocked

Police arrested one of three men allegedly involved in a Surf Avenue brutal beat down on April 5.

The suspect and two others allegedly savaged the clerk at a store between W. 15th Street and Schweikerts Walk in Coney Island, police said. Officials accuse the man and his partners of throwing the employee to the ground, stomping his head, hitting him in the face with a glass bottle, and smashing his head into a soda machine, a police report states.

— Max Jaeger

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