Punks hold up guy at gunpoint and take cash

94th Precinct


Lethal weapons

A pair of punks pulled a gun on a guy and took his cash on Milton Street in the early morning hours of Oct. 30.

The victim told cops he was between Franklin Street and Manhattan Avenue at 2:30 am when the dastardly duo approached from behind and from the side.

One of the fiends showed a silver revolver and demanded the guy’s money, and the victim forked over $150, cops said. The other perp demanded his cellphone, and when the victim said there was nothing on the phone, the baddie drew a black gun and demanded it again, authorities said.

The victim put his hands in the air, turned around, and started to walk away, and while he had his back to the pillagers, he heard them run down Milton Street toward Manhattan Avenue before fleeing in an unknown direction, police said.

Dummy cuffed

Cops cuffed a guy who they say robbed a delivery man at gunpoint in a Jackson Street housing development on Oct. 31.

The victim was delivering food to a residence between Kingsland and Debevoise avenues at 8:30 pm when the alleged perp pointed a black firearm into the guy’s stomach and said “Give me the money,” according to authorities.

The alleged thief snagged around $140 from the victim’s pocket, then fled down Jackson Street toward Kingsland Avenue on a bicycle, police said.

The victim flagged down a cop and told the arresting officer he saw the alleged fiend flee into a nearby grocery store, according to a police report. The officer followed and arrested the guy, who allegedly had a fake gun and a stash marijuana on him, cops said.

Safe haul

A slimy scamp sneaked into a Driggs Avenue supermarket sometime overnight on Nov. 1 and made off with a load of cash.

The scoundrel made his way into the store between Russell and N. Henry streets sometime between 9 pm on Nov. 1 and 2 am the next morning by breaking through the roof and climbing into the store office, cops said.

The perp then broke into the store safe and stole 50 grand in cash, according to a police report.

Backyard man

A troublemaker broke into a McGuinness Boulevard apartment on Oct. 27, but ran off before he could snag anything.

The victim told cops that a nogoodnik wearing a black pullover and black jeans came into his apartment between Norman and Meserole avenues through the backyard while he was sleeping at around 7:50 am.

The victim woke up and saw the malefactor open his first-floor window, and when he confronted the guy, he fled through the front door to McGuinness Boulevard and ran off in an unknown direction, police said.

— Allegra Hobbs