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Purse slip

A thief stole a woman’s pocketbook as she shopped in a Bay Parkway department store on March 7.

The 68-year-old was in the store, which is near Cropsey Avenue, at around 2:30 pm. She placed her pocketbook in her shopping cart, and turned her head for one moment as a group of middle-aged women surrounded her. When she returned her attention to her bag, she noticed it — and the group — was gone. The bag had contained $380, including her credit and debit cards, police said.

Lottery scam

Scammers used the old lottery trick to scam a woman into handing over $1,500 on March 3.

The group of supposed “lottery winners” approached the 23-year-old on West Seventh Street and Avenue O at around 3 pm and told her of their luck.

That’s when the woman should have said, “Wow, congratulations,” and kept on walking.

Instead, she listened to their story, which involved needing her to “hold” their “winnings.”

But first, she needed to get her own money for them to hold — to show that she was trustworthy enough.

She rushed home and placed $1,500 — and jewelry — in a sock, and brought it back to the perps. They took the bag and sent her into a store for them.

When she was done with the errand, the thieves gave her back the bag and an envelope stuffed with “cash.”

Later, she returned home and noticed that her purse, once so full of money and jewels, was empty and the envelope was full of ripped up newspaper, police said.

Purse swipe

Two thugs stole a woman’s pocketbook as she was walking on 19th Avenue on March 7.

The 35-year-old was near 86th Street at around 11 pm when the black-clad thugs approached her from behind.

One told the victim not to move while another ripped the pocketbook from her shoulder, stealing her money, some electronics and important paperwork, police said.

The two perps fled, running towards Benson Avenue.

Double wham

Two apartments in and around Bensonhurst were robbed of cash and jewelry within hours of each other on March 5.

The first break-in occurred at around 8 am in an apartment on West First Street near Avenue P. The 33-year-old resident returned to find his door unlocked and $9,000 missing, police said.

The second break-in was five hours later on Bay Parkway near 65th Street.

The 36-year-old resident returned to find his front door open, his bedroom ransacked, along with $1,000, electronics and jewelry stolen, police said.

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