Purse snatcher jumps into getaway car

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Drive by

A thug ripped a Bay Ridge woman’s purse off of her shoulder on 85th Street on June 5 — and then jumped into a waiting getaway car with several of his buddies.

The woman said that she was between Fifth Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway at 2:40 pm when she noticed a black vehicle slowly approaching.

Next thing she knew, the jerk had violently pulled the bag off of her shoulder and gotten into the car, which then sped away.

Cash cache snatched

A bandit swiped $2,400 out of the bedroom closet of a Fifth Avenue apartment on June 3, police report.

The victim said that he left his home between 73rd and 74th streets at 8 pm, and came back just an hour later to find all his money gone.

They got that

A crook busted out the window of a Bay Ridge woman’s car while it was sitting in the parking lot of Staples on Fifth Avenue on June 4 — and made off with her purse and credit cards.

The lady told police that she left the vehicle parked in the office supply store’s garage near 94th Street at 12:15 pm. When she returned at 12:30 pm, the driver’s-side window was smashed and the bag was gone.

Come right in

A thief walked right in to a man’s 70th Street apartment on June 5 and raided the place, before walking right back out — without even disturbing the neighbors.

The victim said he left his apartment near Eighth Avenue at 8:45 am and returned at 5 pm to find that someone had broken in and made off with his stuff.

Cops interviewed the residents of the adjacent apartments, but no one reported hearing or seeing anything during the day.

Loose change

A thug broke into a 70th Street apartment on June 5 — and left with the tenant’s watch, jewelry, and a bag containing $300 in coins.

The victim told cops that he took off from his home near Eighth Avenue at 7 am, and came back at 4:45 pm to find his front door wide open and his timepiece, bling, and sack of change all gone.

A real tool

A jerk ripped off three saws and 625 feet of wire from a man working at a Senator Street apartment building on June 2, cops say.

The victim reported leaving the worksite between Third and Fourth avenues at 5 pm and coming back four hours later to find his power tools and electrical hardware gone.

— Will Bredderman

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