Q attack! Thugs jump 20-year-old straphanger

61 Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Gravesend—Manhattan Beach—Homecrest

Railway robbery

Three goons jumped a 20-year-old on a Manhattan-bound Q train on Jan. 8, taking his bookbag.

The victim’s train was rumbling toward the Gravesend Neck Road station at 7:40 am when the suspects approached and asked if he was a gangster.

“No,” the victim replied.

“I don’t care, give me your money,” one of the suspect’s said before the trio punched him in the face and ran off with his property.

Lobby grab

A thug jumped a 56-year-old woman inside the lobby of a Batchelder Street building during a Jan. 4 purse snatch.

The thief followed the woman into the building between Avenues V and W at 6:50 pm before punching her in the head and running off with her purse.

Robbed on E. 12th

A crook crept up behind a 19-year-old on E. 12th Street on Jan. 4, taking $50 and a set of car keys.

The victim was near Avenue U at 7:50 pm when the suspect stuck a sharp object in his back — then unbuttoned the man’s coat so he could get access to the pockets of his pants.

Spiro’s raid

A thief broke into Spiro’s Restaurant on Avenue U on Jan. 5, taking more than $1,250.

Workers at the eatery near E. 21st Street say the thief forced open a rear security door sometime after 8:30 pm.

Tool takeaway

A crook raided a Nostrand Avenue construction site on Jan. 4, taking an assortment of heavy-duty tools.

Workers at the site between Marine Parkway and Madison Place told police that the thief snapped the lock on the chain link fence in order to get inside sometime after 6 pm. Two spools of copper wire were also taken.

Cabin loot

A thief broke into a 2002 Chevrolet Impala parked on Langham Street on Jan. 8, taking a laptop bag filled with documents.

The car was sitting between Shore and Oriental boulevards when a thief entered it sometime after 6 pm.

Rite Aid raid

Police arrested a man who they said tried to swipe an assortment of goods from an Avenue U Rite Aide on Jan. 8.

Workers at the store near Ocean Avenue said they grabbed the 57-year-old suspect at 9:15 am — just as he was heading out of the store with the goods.


A thief broke into a 2009 Acura MDX sitting on Shore Parkway on Jan. 6, taking the vehicle’s air bag.

The car was parked near Sheepshead Bay Road when the thug smashed the passenger-side window. The break-in took place sometime after 6 pm.

Cold comfort

A crook broke into a 2011 Infiniti parked on Oriental Boulevard on Jan. 6, taking a coat and a pair of gloves that he found inside.

The 43-year-old victim parked his luxury car near Irwin Street at 8 pm. When he returned to it at 7 am the next day, the rear passenger window was smashed and his coat and gloves were gone.

— Thomas Tracy

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