Quartet viciously beats man on Havemeyer Street

90th Precinct


Fearsome foursome

A ruthless posse of four beat up a man on Havemeyer Street in the early morning hours of Oct. 18.

The man was between S. Third and S. Second streets at around 1:50 am when the foursome approached and one asked “What you looking at?” before punching him in the face, cops said. The other three perps started punching and kicking the guy, who tried to defend himself by blocking and returning the punches, authorities said.

The group also tried — but failed — to pull money out of the victim’s pockets, cops said. The victim had bruises on his nose and eyes and was treated by emergency medical services, according to a police report.

Lurk and lurch

A lurker put a city employee in a choke hold in the dark stairwell of a Flushing Avenue public housing residence on Oct. 13 and ran off with her cellphone and wallet.

The worker told cops she was cleaning the stairway of the residence near Bushwick Avenue at 11:40 am and had to take out her phone to see on the dark 13th floor, where the marauder was lurking in the shadows.

The miscreant approached the victim and demanded her cellphone, and when she said no he grabbed her throat and pinned her against the wall, cops said. The perp nabbed the woman’s phone and wallet, then fled down the staircase to an unknown location, according to a police report.

Spin zone

A punk jumped a guy Debevoise and on the night of Oct. 1 — and made off with his cellphone.

The guy told cops he was near Humboldt Streets on his way from Woodhull Hospital to the bus stop at 8:20 pm when the scoundrel grabbed him, spun him around, and said, “Give me what you got.”

The perp lifted his sweatshirt to display a weapon, although the victim does not remember seeing a weapon, and the victim gave up his phone, cops said. The perp fled down Humboldt Street toward Flushing Avenue, authorities said.

Pardon me

A pair of polite scamps apologized before robbing a teenage delivery guy inside a Bushwick Avenue daycare center on Oct. 15.

The 19-year-old man was making a delivery to the center between Montrose Avenue and Meserole Street at around 6:30 pm when he came across the duo, who appeared to be waiting for him between floors, cops said.

One of the troublemakers said, “We’re sorry, you’re gonna have to give us everything,” before they grabbed his iPhone and seven dollars in cash, authorities said.

— Allegra Hobbs