Raccoon removed from daycare’s backyard

Raccoon removed from daycare’s backyard
Rogue raccoon: Police caught this wild critter hiding in the back of an Avenue U daycare center on Nov. 6.
Photo by Paul Martinka

Maybe she wanted to enroll her pups?

Police carried away a possibly pregnant raccoon from the backyard of an Avenue U daycare center on Nov. 6.

A teacher at A to Z Daycare Center spotted the wild critter who looked like she was ready to pop with her pups at any moment, said Jayne Lipkovich, who runs the preschool between Bragg and Coyle streets.

“She was hiding there, I guess to give birth or something,” said Lipkovich.

The rotund raccoon — which officers quipped looked like a little bear, according to photographer Paul Martinka who was on the scene — put up a tough fight when police tried to maneuver her in the cage to haul her off the daycare center’s grounds.

All of the 2–4-year-old youngsters were inside during the fiasco and didn’t get a chance to see the action, but they snapped some photos with some of New York’s Finest instead, said Lipkovich.

“The kids were inside, we didn’t take them,” she said. “They took pictures with the police inside.”

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Popular preschool: A to Z Daycare Center is so popular that even the local wildlife wants in.
Photo by Paul Martinka

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