Ragamuffins on parade!

Ragamuffins on parade!

Thousands of costume-clad rugrats will march proudly down Third Avenue on Saturday for the 45th annual Ragamuffin Parade, a Bay Ridge tradition that brings together tykes of all ages for a rousing pre-Halloween stroll.

For parade purposes, ragamuffin doesn’t mean ratty — it just means home-made — and six lucky little ones with the best hand-crafted costumes will each receive a brand new bicycle, compliments of the Ragamuffin Committee.

“Last year, there was a little boy dressed as a Good Humor truck, with his little head popping out of where you get the ice cream,” recalled Marie Lane, who has served as vice president of the Ragamuffin Committee for 12 years. “There was another little person dressed as a tree, his arms were covered in leaves. Anyone can buy a store-bought costume, but for Ragamuffin Parade parents really make their children look special.”

Ragamuffin Parade begins at Our Lady of Angels [337 74th St. at Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, (718) 307-7855], Oct. 1, 11 am.