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Raging motorist rear-ends car then hits driver while fleeing

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Perils of driving

A motorist with mayhem on his mind had no interest in sticking around after rear-ending another driver on Carlton Avenue on June 5, cops said.

The 43-year-old victim reported he stepped out of his vehicle when the reckless driver collided with him near Park Avenue at 3:10 pm, but the galoot, described as being in his 20s, punched him in the stomach.

As the fiend attempted to flee the scene in his car, he hit the hapless victim, leaving him with injuries to his back and leg, according to police.

Can’t always get what you want

An armed lowlife made off with some pricey jewelry after sticking up a young man on the Monument Walk pathway in the Ingersoll Houses complex on June 5, according to a report.

The victim told cops he entered the building at 12:40 am and noticed two shady characters trailing him. Feeling unsafe, the hunted man left the building with the pair still in pursuit, officials stated. The duo split up, then one charged the victim, cops said. “I want everything you have,” the masked bandit supposedly yelled, brandishing a silver-colored six-shooter.

The victim forked over an iPhone 5s and a gold chain bearing a pendant of a diamond-studded face of Jesus, the authorities said.

Where’s Spider-Man when you need him?

A villain lifted a stack of Marvel Comics superhero T-shirts valued at $65 from a store on Dekalb Avenue June 5, cops reported.

The owner of the store between Felix Street and Ashland Place confronted the galoot and got cursed out for his trouble, officers stated. The bad guy then hopped in a car and sped off, police said.

Right in the tush

A desperado shot a man making his way home from a barbecue at N. Elliot Place on May 31, law enforcement officials said.

The victim said he was near Park Avenue at 11:25 pm when he heard gunshots and felt a pain in his leg. Thinking he had been grazed, he hopped in a cab, but when the pain persisted, he realized he hadn’t escaped danger so easily, officers related. The unlucky sap then went to Kosciusko Community Hospital and doctors treated his backside for a serious gunshot wound, a report states.

Anger management

A verbal quarrel between lovers escalated violently at a Clinton Avenue residence on June 6, according to police.

Cops responded to the home between Lafayette and Dekalb Avenues to find two men all cut up, officials said. One of the lovebirds attacked the other with a pen in the face and head, law enforcement officials said.

The other Romeo allegedly assaulted his boyfriend with a broom, breaking the handle over his head, a report says. The victim of the pen attack refused medical attention, while emergency medical services treated the broom-struck fellow at the scene, cops said. Both guys were booked on assault charges.


Cops cuffed a teen who they say snatched a CitiBike from a Carlton Avenue docking station on June 2.

Officers reported seeing the youngster carelessly pedaling the wrong way down Broadway between Roebling and Havemyer Streets on June 4.

Police stopped the 13-year-old, quickly realized he was rolling on stolen wheels, and collared him for grand larceny.

Creepin’ around

A cat burglar took advantage of a Greene Avenue building’s apparent climbability by breaking into an apartment and taking off with several gadgets on June 2, cops said.

Police say the crook hopped into the living room between Fulton and Cumberland Streets between 8:45 am and 7:30 pm and absconded with a MacBook Air, a United Kingdom laptop charger, and rings and necklaces.

Stealing up from behind

A quick-handed thief stole a smartphone out from under its owner’s nose on Saint Felix Street on June 2, according to the authorities.

The victim was near Fulton Streets at 12:30 pm when the fleet-footed bandit snatched the iPhone 5 from her hand, then dashed off by bike and left the startled woman behind.

— Noah Hurowitz

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