Raise a glass to the candidates with The Brooklyn Paper’s debate drinking game

Politics is a messy business, but it’s a lot more palatable when everyone involved has had a few drinks. In celebration of our nation’s healthy and functional democracy heading into this year’s presidential debate season, The Brooklyn Paper has compiled the following list of Obama-vs-Romney–themed drinking games that are perfect to play at home, or at the bar. Remember to drink — and vote — responsibly, Brooklyn.

• Take a shot of booze every time someone in the crowd talks about their Republican relatives in a swing state.

• Order an old-fashioned and ask the bartender for hand-chipped ice every time either candidate evokes “Main Street” and “Wall Street” in the same sentence.

• Order something with kale in it if Obama mentions his time living on Second Street in Park Slope.

• Ask for a buy-back every time someone points out that they paid a higher tax rate than Mitt Romney’s 14.1 percent in 2011.

• Take a shot of rare whiskey every time someone brings up an obscure fact about Mormonism.

• Order an imported beer every time someone, ironically or otherwise, starts chanting, “USA! USA!”

• Drink if Mitt Romney tries to bet anybody $10,000 or more.

• Drinks on you, for everyone in the bar, if either candidate mentions New York State.

• Ask for a sip of your neighbor’s drink anytime Mitt Romney says, “Welfare state,” “socialism,” and/or “food stamps.”

• Steal a sip of your neighbor’s drink anytime Barack Obama says “fair share,” “tax cut,” or “richest Americans.”

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