Random act of violence

Head shot

A perp fired several shots in the air in the back of a Bushwick Avenue playground on Sept. 29, one of which struck an 18-year-old man in the head.

The perp and an accomplice confronted his victim at Scholes Street at 5:49 pm, and fired a round into the air. After the victim was struck by a bullet, both perps fled on bicycles.

Schoolyard rob

Three juvenile perps robbed two other kids on Lorimer Street on Sept. 27, with one brandishing an automatic handgun.

The perps approached the two boys at 8:06 am and ordered them to sit on the bench and empty their pockets. One flashed a gun, startling the boys, and his accomplices grabbed some small change in the victim’s pockets before fleeing down Harrison Avenue.

School mugger

A mugger tried to rob an 11-year-old boy on his way to school on Grand Street on Sept. 27.

The perp approached the boy at Lorimer Street at 8:15 am, and said, “Give me your stuff.”

The victim ran across the street and the perp chased after him, before witnesses questioned what was going on, and he fled.

Bike kick

Two thugs kicked a man off his bicycle on Sept. 27 on Montrose Street, and one stole his bike while the other continued to beat him up.

The perps approached the man while he was sitting on his bicycle near Bushwick Avenue at 4:32 pm. One kicked the cyclist to the ground and handed the bike to his accomplice who rode away on Bushwick Avenue. The other stayed, striking him in the head before running away.

Rx robbery

A drugged-out perp punched his victim in the face on Oct. 2 and stole $30 from him because he would not surrender his prescription drugs.

The perp approached the victim on Hooper Street near S. First Street at 2 pm, demanding the medicants, punching the man in the face and thowing him to the ground.

The victim surrendered $30 to the perp, who was arrested the next day in Manhattan allegedly possessing a bag of cocaine, a popular illegal drug; and pill bottles containing Percocet and Xanax. also popular mood altering substances.

Meserole robbery

A six-foot perp robbed a man at gunpoint on Meserole Street on Sept. 30 as he left the L-train station.

The perp, wearing a dark green hoodie and a black baseball cap, approached the man near Graham Avenue at 10:50 pm, saying, “Give me yo’ money.”

The victim obliged, but the perp then demanded, “Give us your phone,” while holding a black firearm. The victim surrendered his phone, and the perp pushed him to the ground and fled down Humboldt Street.

Ainslie robbery

A gunman robbed two men on Ainslie Street on Sept. 30 as they were walking home.

The perp approached the two men from behind at Graham Avenue at 10:40 pm, while flashing a gun.

“Empty your pockets, cellphones, wallets, everything,” he said before the victims surrendered their stuff.

Grand burglary

A thief broke into a Grand Street building on Sept. 26 and stole $6,900 worth of cameras and computers.

The thief broke into the rear window of the apartment near Driggs Avenue after its tenant left at 4:30 pm. When she returned at 2 am the next morning, she found her stuff was missing.

Roebling stab

A thug stabbed his victim in the neck in front of S. Fourth Street on Oct. 2.

The perp approached his victim at 12:30 am near Roebling Street and stabbed him with a broken glass bottle.

The victim approached a nearby officer who arrested the perp and he was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.

Hewes laptop

A perp broke into a Hewes Street building on Oct. 1 and stole laptops from two different apartments.

The thief entered the building near S. Fourth Street after its tenants left the building at 9:15 am. When one returned at 7:30 pm, he found his computer was stolen. Another returned at 6 pm and found his stuff was stolen too.