Rape on Heyward Street

Heyward rape

A thug allegedly raped a woman on Heyward Street on Sept 25, while she was a passenger in his car.

The victim asked the perp for assistance at around 4:20 am, and he successfully lured her into the car, where he then sexually assaulted her.

The thug was arrested by police hours later with the help of two witnesses. The victim was treated at Bellevue Hospital.

Car jacked

A brazen thief flashed a firearm at the driver of a car on Montrose Avenue on Sept 25, stole his jewelry and then the car, too.

The thief stopped his victim who was waiting in her Nissan sedan at a red light at Humboldt Street and pointed his gun through the passenger-side window.

He got in and forced the woman to drive to Montrose Avenue while grabbing her necklace and bracelet.

After he helped himself to her jewelry, the thug told her to get out of the car and he drove away.

Meserole mug

A gunman mugged a man on Meserole Street on Sept 25.

The perp approached his victim at 11:07 pm, and asked, “Do you know the time?” before flashing his gun, punching the victim and whispering, “Do you think this is a toy?”

The startled victim handed over his phone and $10 and the perp fled down Humboldt Street.

Throw down

Two perps threw a man to the ground and punched him on Graham Avenue on Sept 26 before stealing $100.

The perps approached the man while he was talking on his cellphone at 12:25 am, then started punching him until he hit the ground, where the victim surrendered his wallet.

The perps fled down Boerum Street.

Rock lob ster

A perp threw a rock through the window of a McKibbin Street loft just after midnight on Sept. 26, striking its tenant in her back.

The perp launched the rock, which shattered the window and hit its tenant, before fleeing down Bushwick Avenue.

Purse taken

A thief broke into a S. First Street apartment on Sept. 26, stealing a purse.

The thief entered the unlocked building near Bedford Avenue at 6:25 pm while its tenant was sleeping. She awoke to the nightmare an hour later.

Music missing

A thief stole two guitars and a drum set — enough to form his own band — from a Volkswagen on Manhattan Avenue overnight on Sept 23.

The driver parked her car near Powers Street on Sept. 23 at 3 pm and returned two days later to find all her instruments gone.

Transit robbery

A robber held up his victim on the stairs of the Lorimer Street J-train stop on Sept. 25, stealing $100 and her Metrocard.

The thief stopped his victim as she was walking up the stairs to catch the train near Broadway at 5 pm, brandishing a knife and directing her, “Walk up the stairs and don’t look back down.”

She surrendered her purse and the thug fled on Broadway.

Assault follow

Two thugs cut two men, 19- and 21-years old, on their face and torso for no reason at all at Broadway on Sept 25.

The perps approached the two victims at 5 am near Hooper Street before slashing their bodies with knives. The perps fled and the victims were taken to Woodhull Hospital for their injuries.

Hope burglary

A thief stole $100 and two pairs of gold rings and earrings from a Hope Street apartment on Sept. 24.

The thief broke into the apartment near Keap Street when its tenant left for the night at 10:30 pm. When the tenant and her roommates returned three hours later, she found her jewelry was stolen.


A thief stole a Macbook and an Xbox video game system from a car on Manhattan Avenue on Sept 25.

The driver parked his car near Powers Street at 9 am and went home. When he returned 40 minutes later, he found his rear passenger window smashed and his computer and game system gone.

Berry burglary

A thief stole $2,300 worth of electronics from a Berry Street apartment on Sept. 23.

The perp broke into the apartment near Broadway between 1:30 pm and 11:30 pm, helping himself to two computers, an iPod, a camera and two hard drives.

Rim job

A thief took four sets of tires and rims off a Nissan Maxima parked on Hope Street overnight on Sept. 23.

The driver parked near Keap Street at 10 pm and went home. He returned at 9 the next morning to find his tires taken.