Red Hook cyclist will make your bike glow in the dark

Red Hook cyclist will make your bike glow in the dark
Photo courtesy of Anthony “Tonky” Clune

Brooklyn’s streets would be safer if all of the cyclists looked like extras from “Tron.”

That’s the vision of Anthony Clune, a Red Hook bike rider and designer who has created a reflective armor that transforms two-wheelers into glowing neon rides.

Bikes decked out in the decals resemble futuristic vehicles ripped from science fiction movies — and they’re certainly more visible to motorists.

“This will keep your brain inside your skull where it belongs,” said Clune, 31, who goes by the name Tonky. “It would be a dream come true if I could prevent an accident.”

Called RydeSafe, Tonky’s diamond-shaped stickers are made from the same heavy-duty decals used on emergency vehicles and they fit on frames, rims, seats and helmets — potentially illuminating more parts of bikes and their riders than lights.

The entrepreneur created his cool night-riding accessory a few months ago after surviving his own bone-chilling bike accident, involving a text-messaging motorist on 15th Street in Park Slope.

“It happened so fast, and it bumped something loose in my caveman brain,” said Tonky, a lifelong biker. “I realized I was still alive due to dumb luck.”

So far, pedal-pushers love the glinting strips, which are meant to be used in tandem with city-required bike lights.

Michael Green, the Park Sloper behind Bike Blog NYC, said the borough’s biking community is experiencing a do-it-yourself renaissance.

“The more lights, the better,” he said. “I only have a couple of places where I didn’t have stickers.”

Tonky, who’s temporarily working on a project with elite creative agency Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, said he’s planning on filming a “Tron”-style race in the streets to promote the decals.

He hopes to bring the flashy futuristic movie to Brooklyn too.

“It is a rare blessing in a world of knick-knack-bric-a-brac to make something with the potential to improve lives and not end up in the landfill,” said Tonky, who refers to his decal-clad bike as the “Lean Green Safety Machine.” “Hopefully it will bring attention to the scourge that is distracted driving.”

Each RydeSafe kit includes 51 decals for $16.50. Visit www.rydesafe.com.

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Clune came up with the street safety idea after he was hit by a car.
Photo courtesy of Anthony “Tonky” Clune