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Ride-by muggings


Park Slope robbers took to their bikes on Nov. 6 in a couple of muggings that targeted female pedestrians:

In the first incident, a two-wheeled thief mugged a woman on Third Avenue and got away with her Blackberry.

The 30-year old woman was walking near Carroll Street at 2:30 pm when she noticed a man following her on his bicycle. At the corner of Third Avenue, he ordered her to give him her phone. When the victim refused, the thug reached into her coat pocket and grabbed it. In the ensuing struggle, the woman received a cut on her left wrist, and her pocket was ripped.

About nine hours later, a bike-borne burglar ripped a bag from a woman’s shoulder on Plaza Street West and pushed the victim to the ground.

The woman was between Lincoln and Berkeley places when the man rode up behind her, yelling “Shut up! Stop screaming! Give me your bag!” After snatching the bag, which only contained $7, the perp sped toward Eighth Avenue.

Knife mug

A knife-wielding thug robbed a woman on Sixth Avenue on Nov. 5, grabbing $60 and her raincoat. The victim was on the corner of Second Street at 11:10 pm when the mugger approached her and, flashing a silver switchblade, said, “Give me money.”

Stolen and towed

Someone stole a car from Seventh Street on Oct. 27, but didn’t get to enjoy car because it was later towed away.

The thief had taken the car from its spot between Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West at around 10 am, but later left it in a “No Parking” zone, from where it was towed.

The owner of the stolen vehicle later found it at the tow pound — with a busted ignition key. The victim will not have to pay the towing charge, cops said.

Manicure hurts

Two men held up a nail salon on Flatbush Avenue on Nov. 4 and stole $100.

Both men entered the salon, between Dean and Bergen streets, at 10 am. With one robber acting as a lookout, the other pulled a small black handgun from his jacket pocket and told the clerk, “Give me money. Go get money!” The clerk pulled $100 from the register, which the perp grabbed, and both men ran out of the shop.


Someone stole $3,000 from a Third Avenue gas station register on Nov. 4 when the cash was left unattended for just five minutes at around 11:30 am. The station is between Butler and Baltic streets.

— Evan Gardner

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