Ride on!

Bumper Cars $125,000
There’s no better way to unwind than with this classic, whiplash-causing ride, the cornerstone of any self-respecting amusement park.

Astroland owner Carol Albert is selling 20 rides on the Web site www.rides4u.com. If you want to recreate the Space Age–themed playland, you can buy them all for $1.847 million, or, choose individual rides. Here’s some of what’s available:

Dante’s Inferno $225,000
Abandon all boredom, ye who enter here. This ride gets the heart pumping with some steep drops and sharp turns past monster- and murder-filled imagery.

Motorcycle Jump $39,000
Let your little devils feel like Evel Knievel on this kiddie ride.

Teacups $39,000
You control the level of nausea!. Spin yourself sick or lazily revolve to keep that sugar-coated funnel cake in your stomach, where it belongs.

Tilt-a-whirl $29,000
Also features a double dose of spinning. The ride rotates on an axis and revolves in a circle, but unlike the ’cups, your dizziness is beyond your own control on this ride.

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