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Ridge ‘prize’ winner loses nearly $10 grand

A woman who thought she hit the jackpot ended up getting jacked by the oldest scam in the book on May 8.

The 43-year-old victim received notification at her home, on Fifth Avenue near 71st Street, that she was a big winner — but in order to collect her prize, she first needed to pay her taxes. She was also instructed to keep the deal quiet.

“Due to a mix-up of names we urge you to keep this private and confidential,” the letter insisted.

The victim obeyed the letter and sent two wire transfers totaling $9,200 to the mysterious company, but when she called to confirm her jackpot, she discovered that it was all a ruse.

Perp on cop

A cop on a Mother’s Day stroll with his parents was almost hit by a car and then was smacked in the face several times by a foul-mouthed driver on May 13, police said.

The trouble started just before 11 am, when a 39-year-old cop was walking with his parents on Fifth Avenue near 81st Street.

A man trying to park his car drove onto the sidewalk and almost ran into them.

The mad driver than pushed open his door, hitting the cop, who quickly identified himself to the maniac as a police officer.

“I don’t give a [expletive] who you are,” the driver responded, before punching the cop in the face several times. The victim’s fellow men in blue quickly responded and arrested the 63-year-old perp.

The cop had some bruising above his right eye, but wasn’t hospitalized.

Bully busted

A schoolyard bully was arrested after shaking down an 11-year-old boy for his lunch money at 2:15 pm inside a 73rd Street playground on May 8.

The trouble began when the bully pushed the victim up against a fence and held a clenched fist to his face.

“Give me your lunch money,” the bully hissed. “Or else I will beat you up.”

The boy was quick to hand over $24 in cash, telling cops that he feared for his life. He also reported that it wasn’t the first time the boy shook him down at the Fort Hamilton Parkway playground. And he said the bully theatened him with further mischief.

“I will beat you up if you have no money tomorrow,” he said.

Police later arrested the bully, who was also 11-years old, but the lunch money has yet to be recovered.

Sandman swipe

A 45-year-old man who fell asleep on the R train awoke to find his pants cut and his wallet stolen on May 12.

The heist went down as the victim, heading home to Bay Ridge from Manhattan at 6:30 am, tried to catch some shut-eye. But when he woke up at the 95th Street station, he noticed his pocket was slit and wallet removed.

The man lost some pictures and credit cards, but luckily he was carrying no money.

Old lady robbed

A pickpocket working a bus on May 8 nabbed an 85-year-old lady’s purse near Fort Hamilton Parkway.

The thief made his move by bumping his victim as she was getting off the bus at her stop near 79th Street just after 10 am.

Only after the bus drove away did she realize that her wallet was missing from her purse.

The perp made off with seven credit cards, pictures, a $100 gift card, and $30.

Boarding school

Three teens were arrested after a botched attempt to wrestle a skateboard away from a 15-year-old boy led to violence on May 7.

Cops say the trouble began as the victim was skateboarding near Wakeman Place and Ridge Avenue, when threw teens gave chase before catching up with him and wrestling him to the ground, where they kicked him several times in the left arm.

The boy managed to hold on to his skateboard, and then led cops to find the mischievous teens, who were promptly arrested.

No tip

A food deliveryman lost more than just his tip when he was held at knifepoint in front of a Shore Parkway building on May 11.

The victim went into the building, which is near Bay 14 Street, on a routine delivery. At around 1 pm, the thug approached the deliveryman as he was leaving and demanded change for a 100-dollar bill. When the victim refused, the perp pulled out the shiney blade and said, “Give me the money.”

The deliveryman coughed up the dough.

Car raid

A Crospsey Avenue used car dealer had the surprise of a lifetime when thugs not only took a silver luxury car, but also swiped his dealer plates on May 11.

The victim’s dealership, near 18th Avenue, opened at around noon that day. That’s when the dealer discovered that thieves had taken a 1999 Mercedes Benz 320, police said.

The owner thinks it was an inside job because the thieves also took the plates that were in a locked safe.

PM burg

An elderly man went out on May 3 to run some errands, but when he returned to his 64th Street home, he discovered the front door was open and his property was missing.

The 92-year-old man came back to his house, which is near Bay Parkway, at around 2 pm. Thugs had taken $600, including jewelry while he was out, police said.

Tutors looted

A Quentin Road language-learning center learned the international language of crime on May 10.

The learning center, which is near West Sixth Street, was broken into at around 12:15 pm. The perps entered by breaking the front door and left with more than $4,000 worth of electronics, police said.

Family safe

Thugs took more than $15,000 from a safe inside a 68th Street apartment on May 9, police said.

The victim came back to his home, which is near 17th Avenue, at around 7 am. He discovered his front window was open and a safe that held his savings was cracked.

The victim told police that only family and friends knew about the safe, so he suspects someone close to him was involved.

Bus swipe

A woman’s wallet was stolen while she was packed onto a crowded B8 bus on May 13.

The 21-year-old got off the bus at 18th Avenue and 86th Street at around 3 pm, when she realized the wallet was gone.

The perps had unzipped her backpack, police said.

They only gained $14 in cash, but took her checkbook, including her credit and debit cards.

Purse snatch

A woman shopping in an 18th Avenue department store on May 12 left her pocketbook on a rack while she tried on a shirt, and it was gone when she came back.

The victim was in the store, which is near 66th Street, at around 2 pm. While she was trying on the new blouse, perps snatched the purse from the rack and fled the store.

The handbag had more than $350, including her cellphone, and her credit cards, police said.

Rim job

A man returned his Nissan Maxima on May 10 to find cinder blocks where his fancy tires and rims used to be.

He discovered the theft at around 10 pm when he returned to the car, which was parked on 18th Avenue, near Cropsey Avenue.

Thugs had jacked up the car, stealing four 18-inch spoke rims and four Goodyear tires worth $3,000, police said.

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