Ridge’s Vinny is anything but skinny on talent

Ridge’s Vinny is anything but skinny on talent

Here’s the skinny on Vinny — he’s huge!

Bay Ridge fashion designer Vincent Lai — the “Vinny” of the “Skinny Vinny” line of accessories — has only been at this for two years, but his handbags, wallets and ties have fashion buyers placing orders all over town.

“We just sold out of Skinny Vinny, that’s how great the bags are,” said Staceyjoy Elkin, owner of Red Lipstick, a Red Hook shop. “The designs are great and the manufacturing is top quality.”

Lai’s line of bags includes totes, clutches, satchels and messenger bags — all made from heavy-duty cotton canvas, ranging from $68 to $180. Lai focuses of versatility like with his “Sal” bag, which can be worn in four different ways.

“I look to see what problems people have with their everyday bags,” said Lai, who recently returned from Hong Kong. “And then I try to solve them with my bags.”

Lai also makes hand-made 1920-style bow ties out of a cotton-wool blend. With names like “Gatz” and “Carraway” (a la “The Great Gatsby”), no two ties are the same. He also sells zoot-suit-styled leather wallets, which have a unique design that let your bills peek through. In short, he has taken care of all your accessory needs.

“I just kind of want to be a lifestyle type of brand,” said Lai. “I like to keep it minimal, but comfortable for my customers.”

For more info, visit www.skinny-vinny.com.