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Ripping the roof

Through the roof

Fort Greene drivers, beware! An Escalade-inclined thief is emptying cars from sunroof to floor.

As costumed kids roamed the streets on Halloween, the thief decided to grab a few treats of his own. He found his first target around 6 pm, a black Escalade parked on Hudson Avenue near Fulton Street. After smashing its sunroof, the thug reached in and grabbed the stereo and navigation system, as well as the expensive leather wheel seat covers — $2,200 worth of goods in all.

The next day, the felon smashed the skylight of an identical car, this time on Greene Avenue near Cambridge Place, where a driver had parked his company at around midnight. By the next morning, the car’s glass top was shattered and stereo and navigation system — worth $5,000 — had been removed.

The thief cooled it for a few days, but by Nov. 6 he was back on Greene Avenue. By moonlight, the perp broke the sunroof — of a Jeep this time. The next morning, when the car’s owner returned to the parking spot near Clermont Avenue, there was a hole where the sunroof had been and the navigation console was gone.

The thief struck one more time on Nov. 7 — and this time, his target was another Cadillac Escalade that had been parked at noon on the corner of Gates and Waverly avenues. The thief got a stereo worth $3000, a Louis Vuitton bag and a pair of Gucci sneakers.

Jacket jacker

Cops cuffed a teenager who tried to shake down a woman at the corner of Emerson Place on Nov. 3.

The victim was near Willoughby Avenue at around 4:30 pm when the thug approached and asked that famous fake question, “What time is it?”

Before she could answer, he began reaching into her jacket pockets in search of her cellphone. He didn’t find it though, and ended up fleeing. Police brought him in shortly after.

Picked clean

A burglar with keys or a knack for lock-picking took a woman’s valuables from her Greene Avenue apartment on Nov. 4.

The victim told cops that she had double-locked her door before she left for work at 8:20 am, but during the day, a trespasser visited her home which is near Adelphi Street.

A neighbor texted her to tell her that her door was open, and when she returned home around 8 pm, the unwanted visitor had lugged off a big-screen TV and $260.


A shopping center prowler lifted a woman’s purse from the stroller that she was pushing through the Atlantic Terminal Mall on Nov. 4.

The victim was ready to spend at around 6 pm, but she stepped away from her stroller for just a moment, and when she returned, the handbag, which contained a Blackberry, was gone.

Luckily the baby was still there.

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