Road trippin’ parents play Brooklyn

Comin’ to town: Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing are coming to Brooklyn following performances in Colorado and Wyoming — and they’re bringing their daughter, their cigar box guitar, and their vintage Airstream trailer with them.
Photo courtesy of Hymn for Her

These rock and roll parents sound like a five-man-band, with a side of Mexican wrestling.

After dodging forest fires in Colorado Springs and rocking the socks off undeserving Wyomingites, the quirky duo Hymn for Her— trio, if you count their baby daughter and full time roadie — will take their classic Airstream trailer east in their cross-country tour to bring their unique brand of outlaw music to Brooklyn

“I’d say it’s a little barbecue sauce, a little punk rock, some outlaw music. I guess you could call it punk, barbecue sauce music,” said the less-fair half of Hymn for Her, percussionist Wayne Waxing.

But to call Waxing a mere percussionist is like calling a Bradley fighting vehicle just a truck, or a nuclear aircraft carrier just a boat.

When Waxing takes the stage he brings his bass-drum and high-hat, his banjo and acoustic guitar, and his harmonica and very fine singing voice along with him. Even without his lovely partner, Lucy Tight, his half of Hymn for Her would still be a band.

“Wayne does the one-man-band thing,” said Lucy. “So he’s really busy on his end getting a brain hemorrhage, while I just take care of the cigar box guitar.”

And what a fine cigar guitar it is.

Lucy’s particular cigar box guitar — a three stringed instrument which uses a cigar box as a resonator — was custom made by a Memphis craftsman and features two amp inputs, one for the instrument’s single bass string, and one for the remaining two guitar strings.

“The guy who made ours, Johnny Lowe, he makes really good cigar box guitars, very fortified,” said Wayne. “A lot of people have these cigar box guitars with guitar necks, but ours is a broom stick, so it’s definitely more unique than your typical cigar box guitar.”

If the duos’ style and top-notch instrumentalism don’t draw you in, then their on-stage antics should keep the cynics happy. Wayne, aside from playing three instruments simultaneously, does a little amateur wrestling on the side and has been known — if enough tequila is provided — to trade his high-hat for a luchador’s mask and treat the rafters like monkey bars.

“You never know, it depends on what type of drinks people buy me. Usually if someone gets me, not that cheap crap, but some good stuff like reposado, anejo, who knows what’s going to happen,” said Wayne. “I might even do some naked wrestling.”

Hymn for Her will play three Brooklyn shows:

68 Jay Street Bar [68 Jay St between Water and Front streets in DUMBO, (718) 260-8207, 68jaystreetbar.net] July 11, 8 pm. Free.

Union Hall [702 Union St. between Fifth and Sixth avenues in Park Slope, (718) 638-4400, unionhallny.com] July 12, 8 pm. $8.

Redhook Bait and Tackle [320 Van Brunt St. between Pioneer Street and Visitation Place in Red Hook, (718) 451-4665, redhookbaitandtackle.com] July 13, 9 pm. Free.

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