Robbed at a Starbucks


A man’s laptop was stolen on June 25 while he used the bathroom at the Starbucks on Seventh Avenue.

The victim told police that he’d left his Apple computer, which is worth $1,960, at a table when he went to the restroom at 6:15 pm.

It was gone when he returned to his table in the coffee chain, which is between First Street and Garfield Place.

Candy con

A kindly old grandmother’s wallet was stolen while she was attempting to buy candy for her grandchild on June 23.

The elderly victim told police she was at a bodega at Fifth Avenue and Ninth Street with her daughter and granddaughter, and placed the wallet on the counter at 2 pm. Just two minutes later it was gone.

The wallet contained $8.

Hospital hoax

New York Methodist Hospital became a crime scene yet again when a sick thief stole an employee’s purse on June 19.

The victim told police she left her purse on her desk at the hospital, which is on Sixth Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues, at 11:59 pm, and returned 15 minutes later to find that it —and the $100 inside it — was gone.

Car crimes

This poor precinct can’t go a week without a heaping stack of car theft reports. Last week, at least three cars were broken into. Here’s a roundup:

• Thieves smashed into a car overnight on June 22 and made off with $1,500 in stuff. The victim told police he parked the car on Montgomery Place near Eighth Avenue at 5:30 pm and returned to it the next morning to discover his property missing.

• A thief stole a car on June 24 for just long enough to drive the car up the block and run off with the property inside.

The owner of the car told police she parked the car on Second Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues at 3 pm and returned an hour later to find that someone had driven down the block and abandoned her vehicle.

• The next day a thief broke into a car parked on Berkley Street. The owner of the car, which was between Plaza Street West and Eighth Avenue, told police the thief removed the car’s lock, but left without taking anything from the vehicle.