Robbed while changing a tire

94th Precinct


Tired out

A thief stole $1,700 from a car as its driver was changing a flat on N. Eighth Street on July 15.

The driver noticed the flat near Bedford Avenue at 2:40 pm, so he pulled over and changed it. But when he finished, he saw his cash was missing.

Driggs punch

Two perps tried to rob a man on Lorimer Street on July 13, but punched him in the face instead.

The victim told police he was on Driggs Avenue at 4:35 pm when the perps approached and asked for cash. The victim refused, so one perp punched him in the face. The other wrestled away his cellphone and both ran away, before cops say they arrested the thugs.

Threes company

Three perps punched a man and took his jewelry on Driggs Avenue on July 13.

The victim told police he was near Leonard Street at 1:30 am when one perp approached him and asked him for a dollar. Soon, he punched the man’s face and two accomplices joined in and beat him to the ground. One grabbed his necklace and the perps fled down Manhattan Avenue.

Bag jump

Three perps stole a man’s backpack on Manhattan Avenue on July 13.

The victim was near Frost Street at 2:45 am when the perps approached, and one said, “Give me your bag.”

One punched him on the right side of his face while the other two grabbed his backpack and they ran away.

Phone snatch

A perp stole a woman’s phone from her hand on Humboldt Street on July 17.

The victim was near Skillman Street at 2:35 pm when the perp approached her, grabbed the phone, and ran away.


A thief stole a laptop and camera from a North Henry recording studio in the wee hours of July 12.

The owner left the studio near Meserole Avenue at 11:15 pm, but when he returned after midnight, he saw his computer was gone.

Cable men

A thief stole $5,200 worth of cable wires from a Greenpoint Avenue building on July 13.

Video surveillance caught the perp on camera breaking into the building at 8:58 pm, before he loaded the stuff up and drove down N. Henry Street.

Honda gone

A thief stole a Honda from Kent Avenue. The driver said that he had parked at N. Eighth Street on July 7 and returned five days later to find it gone.

Mercury stolen

A thief stole a Mercury near N. Seventh Street. The driver parked near Driggs Avenue at 9 am on July 14, but the car was gone by 5 pm the next day.

— Aaron Short