Robber kicks dog!

Poor doggie

A reprehensible dude kicked a woman’s dog — then stole her doggie bag! — on York Street on Sept. 15.

The woman told cops that she was walking the pup near Washington Street at about 12:15 pm when the man approached and kicked the pooch, apparently at random. When the woman went to pick up the poor puppy, the man grabbed its carrying case — which also contained her wallet, $100, and something called “cosmetic lip gloss” — and fled.

Taken by storm!

Dude, the tornado took my motorcycle, bro!

A motorcycle went missing from a spot at Jay and Tillary streets — and the owner told cops that he thinks it disappeared during the vicious storm on Sept. 16.

The owner went looking for it after the tornado blew through, but couldn’t find it — because it was likely stolen — in the tornado’s aftermath.

Drive by

A cruising caper stopped his car to swipe a man’s cellphone on Atlantic Avenue on Sept. 16.

The victim said he was near Fourth Avenue at about 11:45 pm when the jerk stopped his car, got out, wrenched the phone from the victim’s hands, and drove away.

Cell swipe

A quick-handed thug took a woman’s Blackberry as she got on the Q train at Pacific Street on Sept. 16.

The woman said the doors were closing on the train, which was near Fourth Avenue, at about 11:20 pm when a man ran up, snagged the expensive phone and fled.

Gershed on Gold

Crooked thieves cut chains and stole two bikes from their Gold Street stalls on Sept. 17.

The victim told cops that he had no idea how the crooks cut his expensive chains, which were located near Flatbush Avenue — what he does know is that when he went to ride one of them at 5 pm, both had been gershed.

No salvation

Some jerk took a woman’s wallet while she was trying on clothes at Salvation Army on Atlantic Avenue on Sept. 18.

The victim told cops that she was in the dressing room of the store, which is between Bond and Nevins streets, at about 7 pm. It’s just too bad that she left her purse outside the dressing room — when she came out, her wallet and $290 were missing.


A villain burglarized a State Street apartment on Sept. 18 — and the tenants blame their handyman!

The victims told cops that they found a mess when they went home, which is between Bond and Nevins streets, at about 12:55 am. They said that the guy who works on their home was the only other person with house keys — so he must have been the one who stole a wallet, cash, and even a $45 Red Sox watch (but really, who wears a Red Sox watch?).

Banana thief

A dastardly crook snatched a purse from a woman while she was shopping at Banana Republic on Montague Street on Sept. 19.

The woman told cops that she only looked away for a second while browsing the shop, which is near Henry Street, at about 2:50 pm. But when she turned around, the bag and $80 were gone.

— Andy Cambell