Robber pushes woman and grabs her purse containing large check

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights


A robber stole a woman’s purse — with a check inside worth more than $10,700 — when she was carrying it on Fifth Avenue on May 29.

The crook approached the woman from behind at 69th Street around 12:40 pm, knocking her to the ground and stealing the bag before fleeing on foot in an unknown direction, according to the report.

Chest bump

A good-for-nothing punched a man in the chest three times in a fit of road rage in front of a hospital on Poly Place on May 30.

The assault occurred near Washington Drive at around 11:30 am, cops said. The man did not sustain any injuries, according to police.

Geeked out

A pilferer stole a package with a new laptop inside from a man’s Third Avenue doorstep on June 1.

The punk stole the package from the home between 87th and 88th streets just after 3 pm, the man reported to police.

Shut him up

A lout punched a man, causing pain and bleeding from his mouth, on Fifth Avenue on June 3.

The assault occurred between 92nd and 94th streets just after 4:30 am, and emergency medical personnel transported the man to NYU Langone Hospital, according to police.

— Julianne McShane

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