Robbery crew hits Fort Greene

A robbery team that’s cut a swath of terror across Brooklyn and Queens is apparently now working in Fort Greene.

Police say that since April, 2010, the thugs — two men and a woman — have grabbed seven unsuspecting ladies as they entered their cars and robbed them of their ATM cards.

The thieves then hold the women hostage as they drive around the area in their victim’s cars, looking for the nearest ATM. Upon finding one, the female suspect is sent out to withdraw as much as she can from the victim’s account.

The crooks leave their victim penniless, but unscathed, police said. In at last one case, the victim was thrown in her trunk before the thieves escaped.

The thieves’ last heist was in Fort Greene, when they grabbed a woman as she entered a Saab parked near the corner of S. Oxford Street and Atlantic Avenue on Jan. 24.

The victim had just gotten behind the wheel at 11 pm when the two male thugs, who wore masks, threw open the car door.

“Stay, stay,” one of them ordered, but the woman didn’t listen and instead jumped out of the car and ran off. No weapons were shown.

The thieves sped off in the woman’s car, which has yet to be located.

It could have been worse, of course. The 51-year-old victim was the “one who got away,” according to police sources.

Cops are asking anyone with information regarding this robbery spree to call (800) 577-8477.