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Rocks dug up in hospital dig will roll over to park

Rock & Roll: Boulders that were excavated from NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist’s construction site in Park Slope, now sit in Prospect Park. These native pieces of quartz granite will likely be used in the Park’s upcoming entrance on Flatbush Avenue.
Photo by Joanna DelBuono

Park Slope

It’s a Standing O for granite. During excavation near Sixth Street and Eighth Avenue, the site for NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital’s new Center for Community Health, about 30 large boulders were removed from the ground and donated to the Prospect Park Alliance, where plans are underway for them to be used in the Parks without Borders initiative.

According to Christian Zimmerman, vice president of capital and landscape management for the Prospect Park Alliance, the Parks without Borders plan includes adding a new entrance to Prospect Park on Flatbush Avenue, where the boulders will find a new home.

“The boulders donated by the hospital are an exact geological match for the rocks in Prospect Park because they come from the same terrain and appear identical aesthetically to what has been in the park for 150 years,” he said.

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital has a long-standing partnership with the Prospect Park Alliance. Lyn Hill, vice president for communication and external affairs at the hospital, explained: “In the 1990s, the hospital provided a geological transplant when boulders were sent to Prospect Park during excavation of the hospital’s current Medical Office Pavilion on Seventh Avenue. Those boulders were used in Prospect Park’s Woodlands Project.”

Standing O like a rock.

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital [506 Sixth St. at Seventh Avenue in Park Slope, (718) 780–3000].

Marine Park

Seeing clearly now!

Huzza, huzza to Dr. Salvatore J. Shakir. The winning eye-guy was among 58 optometrists throughout the United States who have received the American Optometric Association 2017 Continuing Optometric Recognition Award.

This award is presented to doctors of optometry who have completed 50 credit hours of continuing education in their field during a one-year period, and, in addition, have previously received the Initial Optometric Recognition Award. More than 1,752 of the nation’s 44,000 practicing optometrists have earned the Initial Optometric Recognition Award. Recipients must complete 150 hours of continuing education in their field over a consecutive three-year period.

President Dr. Andrea P. Thau, of Manhattan, congratulated the honorees and presented the Continuing Optometric Recognition Awards during an event held on June 22 in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Salvatore J. Shakir at Brooklyn Eye and Vision Care [2074 Flatbush Ave. at Avenue P in Marine Park, (718) 338–0988].

Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Take a chair!

Dr. Carlos N. Pato, dean of the College of Medicine at State University of New York Downstate, let the O know that Dr. Rainer Gruessner has been named as the new Chairman of Surgery.

Dr. Gruessner is a nationally renowned surgeon and clinical innovator, a prolific academic, a committed educator, and a successful and experienced department chairman, having most recently served as chairman of surgery at the University of Arizona and later as chief of transplantation at SUNY Upstate Medical University.

At SUNY Upstate, Dr. Gruessner doubled the transplant case volume, launched a successful pancreas transplant program, and laid the foundation for islet and liver transplant programs, as well as introduced robotic and minimally invasive procedures throughout all Department of Surgery sub-specialties. Dr. Gruessner was the first surgeon to perform all abdominal organ transplants (kidney, pancreas, liver and intestine) from living donors.

Dr. Gruessner’s academic accomplishments include more than 330 published manuscripts, and as many review articles, book chapters, and published abstracts.

SUNY Downstate Medical Center [450 Clarkson Ave. at New York Avenue in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, (718) 270–1000].

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