Role playing

Fiendish find

Cops made a grisly discovery in Flatlands on July 6 — the decomposing remains of a woman stuffed into the trunk of a car.

The body was found at the corner of East 48th Street and Avenue J just after 3 pm — at the height of last week’s heat wave.

Block residents called 911 claiming that there was a foul odor coming from a gray 1998 Lexus sedan parked on the street.

Responding officers gained access to the trunk and found the victim, who is believed to be Rose Ormejuste, an Elmont, Long Island resident who disappeared right before her son, 24-year-old Dario Ormejuste, was arrested for killing his 65-year-old father Bob and 30-year-old brother Guerby.

Investigators believe Ormejuste killed his mother and put her body in the trunk in an attempt to dispose of the body. He left the car in Brooklyn but was arrested before he could go back and take care of his mother’s remains.

As of this writing, a city medical examiner hasn’t signed off on a cause of death.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to call (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

Role playing

A thief masquerading as a trigger happy tyrant was arrested on July 5 after a Mill Basin grocer refused to fall for his bluff.

Officials said the 30-year-old suspect entered the convenience store, which is on Avenue N between East 58th and East 59th streets, just before 1 am and kept gesturing to his pants, as if he had a weapon secreted in his waistband.

When a store employee didn’t get the hint, the thief said he had a pistol and he would shoot the worker if he didn’t take the money out of the register and put it into a bag.

When the grocer refused, the thief stormed off empty handed, only to be arrested by cops who had been called to the scene.

Cycling to the clink

A 23-year-old wanna-be road warrior was arrested on July 4 after he smashed up a motorcycle he had just stolen.

Police said they responded to the corner of East 52nd Street and Avenue K just after 10:30 am, finding the suspect next to a crashed CBR 600 motorcycle.

Cops took him into custody for not wearing a helmet or having a valid driver’s license, but charged him with criminal possession of stolen property and the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle when they learned he had just swiped the bike.

Grabbed from behind

A thief jumped a 24-year-old Mill Basin woman on July 1, putting her in a choke hold until she gave up her property.

The victim told police that she was nearing the corner of Avenue M and East 55th Street at 6:40 am when the grabbed the woman from behind.

Police said the thief put the woman in a choke hold until she offered up her property and fled the scene on a bicycle.

Free-wheeling felon

A menacing bicyclist robbed a 29-year-old on July 2, grabbing his cash and electronics before pedaling off.

The victim told police he was passing the corner of Avenue K and East 56th Street at 2:30 am when the suspect rolled up to him.

“What you got?” the thief asked before forcing the victim to hand over his $18 and an iPod.

The thief then sped off, leaving the victim unharmed.


A burglar broke into the Save-A-Thon on Flatbush Avenue on July 2, taking $550 in receipts.

Police said the thief entered the store, which is between Avenues T and U, sometime after 9 pm after forcing open the rear door.

Beaten down

A heavy-handed hooligan attacked a man on June 24, leaving his victim beaten and bruised.

The victim said he was on East 53rd Street between Avenues I and J when the 48-year-old suspect charged him, punching him three times in the chest.

Cops apprehended the assailant this week, charging him with assault in the third degree.


A thug attacked a man with the butt of a pistol during an argument on June 27, and when that didn’t drive his point home, he used a chair.

Police said that the 27-year-old suspect was arrested shortly after the 9:47 am confrontation at an apartment on Farragut Road between Ralph Avenue and East 59th Street.

The victim said that he was arguing with his attacker when the suspect pistol-whipped him about the face. The suspect then grabbed a chair — bringing it down on the victim’s neck, police were told.

Punched and robbed

A thief punched a 53-year-old woman and ran off with her cellphone during a skirmish on June 29.

The woman said she was on East 34th Street between Flatbush Avenue and Avenue J at 4:15 pm when the 26-year-old thief attacked her.

Police said that the mugger was arrested after a brief search of the area.

Gunning for bikes

A pair of thugs pulled a gun on a bicyclist in Mill Basin on June 28, taking both the teen’s wheels and jewelry.

The 14-year-old victim told police he was pedaling past the corner of Avenue T and East 65th Street at 6:15 pm when two suspects stopped him and demanded his property. When he wouldn’t relent, one of the thieves pulled a gun and punched him in the face, forcing the issue.

Restaurant raid

A thief took $1,000 from a Flatlands eatery on July 1 after pretending he had a handgun secreted under his shirt.

Police said the thief entered the restaurant on Flatlands Avenue, which is between East 57th and East 58th streets, just after 9 pm and acted as if he had a weapon. He then scooped some money from the register and fled.

Wipe out graffiti

As the ongoing war against graffiti continues, cops are now offering a $500 reward to anyone with information that can lead them to vandals who are tagging up the community.

The hefty reward is part of the city’s push to rid New York of graffiti, which is one of the leading quality of life complaints brought to police.

Anyone with information about graffiti vandalism in their neighborhood is urged to contact either 311 or 911.

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