Roll on!

Mother-Daughter Lunch: Caitlin and Colleen Fox enjoy classic Roll-N-Roaster fries and iced tea at the famed eatery’s 45th anniversary party on July 15.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

Not so fast, Roll-N-Roaster just turned 45!

The Sheepshead Bay institution that serves “cheez on anything you please” celebrated its 45th birthday on July 15 the only way it knows how, dishing out delicious roast beef sandwiches.

“It was a great day,” said manager Eric Rodriguez. “We made a lot of roast beef and roast turkey — it was fantastic!”

Nearly 5,000 devoted customers turned out despite torrential rain and packed the waterfront eatery wall to wall looking to take advantage of the two-for-one anniversary special on roast beef or turkey sandwiches. The restaurant wisely limited the offer to only four sandwiches per customer, “so that everyone has a chance.”

One Mill Basin native who moved out to Long Island still makes it a point to stop in at Roll-N-Roaster every single time she comes back home to Kings County.

“I’ve been eating Roll-N-Roaster for 35 years,” said Colleen Fox, who journeyed in for the anniversary celebration. “I wish they’d open one out in Long Island, we’d love to have one. It’s great food.”

The famous roast beef and cheese fries isn’t just a favorite meal for Cox — it’s a family tradition.

“My father grew up a block away and worked at the Knights of Columbus right across the street,” said Fox. “He’d bring home sandwiches at four in the morning and we’d eat them for breakfast.”

Even through the heavy rain caused the parking lot to flood, that couldn’t stop customers with a special place in their heart for Roll-N-Roaster from coming out to get their grub. That was reflective of their favorite eatery’s resilience as well. Sandy couldn’t slow its roll, a fire couldn’t stop it, so why should a little rain stop its fans?

Unfortunately, you can no longer get free “cheez” on everything you please by simply wiggling your finger, like back in the day, but Rodriguez still hopes to keep the neighborly feel going along Emmons Avenue.

“We hope to be here forever in Brooklyn,” he said. “Serving people and making customers happy.”

Loving Lunch: Kristen Howe enjoys a chicken parmesan sandwich on her break.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

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