Rolling thief snags iPhone

iPhone grab

A thief on a bike swiped an iPhone from an unsuspecting 31-year-old on Ocean Avenue on Sept. 26.

The victim nearing a train station on Kings Highway at 2:30 pm when the suspect rode up on the bike and ripped the phone from her hand.

More phone snatches

A thief snagged a Blackberry Curve from a 12-year-old boy on Haring Street on Sept. 26, after asking the victim for the time.

The thief approached the boy as he stood by a bus stop near Avenue R at 3 pm. After posing his question, he grabbed the phone and ran down Haring Street, the victim told police.


A thief broke into an E. Second Street home on Oct. 2, stealing an X-Box.

The thief crept through a kitchen window of the home, which is between Avenues S and T, in order to get inside.

Quentin raid

A crooked coin collector broke into a Quentin Road home on Sept. 26, stealing more than $100 in historic U.S. currency.

The 68-year-old victim who lives between E. 29th Street and Nostrand Avenue said the thief entered her home through the front door sometime after 9:30 am. He found the money after rifling through the victim’s closet.

Wine whisk

A 56-year-old man tried to swipe a bottle of Smirnoff from Tops Wine and Spirits on Avenue U on Sept. 28.

Workers at the store, which is between E. 28th and E. 29th streets, said the thief entered at 2:10 pm — then tried to leave with the bottle of booze hidden under his shirt. But he didn’t get far, cops say they arrested him.

Underoo grab

A 34-year-old woman tried to smuggle two packs of boys underwear out TJ Maxx on E. 15th Street on Sept. 27.

Employees of the department store, which is near Kings Highway, say they grabbed the woman as she tried to make a hasty escape at 12:25 pm.

More TJ Maxx robs

A 29-year-old woman also tried to steal from the E. 15th Street TJ Maxx on Sept. 28 — she tried to walk off with some makeup.

Workers at the store say they grabbed the woman after she attempted to leave with two stolen makeup items in her bag.

Duane Reade loot

Three thieves ransacked a Duane Reade on Avenue U on Oct. 2, taking more than $1,000 in products.

Workers at the store, which is between Nostrand Avenue and Haring Street, said the suspects, who were wearing construction helmets and reflective vests, barrelled in at 10:10 am and started yanking items off of store shelves — fleeing with an assortment of creams and over-the-counter drugs.

Pool prey

A goon swiped a bag from a 17-year-old girl leaving an Avenue U pool hall on Oct. 2.

The victim had just exited the hall near W. Seventh Street at 1 am when the thief ran by — grabbing her bag as he passed.

— Thomas Tracy