Rot in hell, Betim Kaziu!

He can slobber away on the cold steel shoulder of a maximum security prison, and no one will shed a tear.

The law of the land has spoken loudly to failed aspiring anarchist Betim Kaziu, and its message is crystal clear: if anyone is thinking of killing Americans, think twice. Better yet, trash those poisonous plans — right now.

A Brooklyn jury stated as much when it took less than four hours to convict the 23-year-old American citizen of plotting to murder U.S. soldiers overseas — a verdict that the remorseless Muslim monster from Sheepshead Bay soaked in with a sicko’s smirk as he slunk away in the custody of U.S. marshals on July 7.

Kaziu likely won’t be doing too much of that spontaneous combustion while he ekes out the rest of his born days and nights rotting behind bars — a grim prospect awaiting him at his sentencing on Nov. 4.

The case was a low-profile one from the start because Kaziu’s stomach-churning scheme didn’t go off as planned. Thank the stars for that. In fact, his wanton willingness to hook up with Islamic militants in Egypt, acquire weapons, and annihilate American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq fell flat on its ugly face with his abrupt August, 2009 arrest in Kosovo — mere months after the fiend had departed from John F. Kennedy Airport with high hopes of committing unspeakable horrors against his own nation. The same one, incidentally, which his Muslim parents emigrated to from Yugoslavia — presumably for a better life.

By default, Kaziu’s demons have now become their yokes and personal death sentences. They are the ones left to mop up his dirty work, well-knowing that there isn’t enough disinfectant left on the planet to sterilize his sins against those courageous compatriots who are risking their lives on the front lines everyday and making countless supreme sacrifices so that scum, such as him, can live freely. That option — for Betim Kaziu at any rate — has been blown to bits, thanks to a dance with the devil that he chose of his own free will.

For his loved ones, the nightmare is only just beginning as they try to reconcile his cold-blooded hate and avoid the damning eyes of strangers — likely for the rest of their lives.

Kaziu’s attempt to land himself in the annals of history as anything more than a scummy hangnail on the toe of terrorism is an example of the lengths that Islam’s brain-dead extremists will go to in their crusade to inflict pain upon innocent people.

It is also a shining example of why Rep. Peter King (R–Long Island) must continue his groundbreaking congressional hearings on domestic radicalization.

Kaziu’s perverted path was brought to a deliberate halt by a superb network of international counter-terrorism experts, whose stock-in-trade is popping wannabe jihadists like pus-filled zits.

Those with anti-American agendas scrawled on their souls will discover that the United States’ legal system is a mighty one, and quite ready, willing and able to take them on.

Just ask Betim Kaziu.

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