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Rough night at club

Slash and burn

An unruly nightclub patron slashed a security guard in the neck at a venue on Lawrence Street on Oct. 24.

The bouncer told cops that a woman complained to him about a man with dreadlocks hassling her inside the nightspot near Duffield Street. But when the bouncer tried to eject the bad drunk at around 2:45 am, the two started yelling at one another on the sidewalk.

That’s when the perp took out his weapon and swung at the guard before running off.

The bouncer was not seriously wounded.

Desk set

A sneaky thief posing as a customer grabbed a woman’s wallet at an antique furniture store on Oct. 20.

The victim was paying up at the upscale vintage boutique on Bond Street near Livingston Street at around 4:30 pm when she placed her wallet down on the counter. Seconds later, it was gone. The woman who had been waiting behind her in line was also suspiciously missing from the premises, presumably with the billfold.

Beauty creep

Another billfold disappeared from the Hair Wig Beauty Supply on Fulton Street on Oct. 23.

The middle-aged victim was shopping inside the store, which is near Nevins Street, at around 1:45 pm when she was bumped by the thief who picked her wallet from her purse.

Hyper heister

An adrenaline-fueled thief grabbed a wad of money from a man’s hand at the Hyperactive boutique on the corner of Elm Place and Fulton Street on Oct. 23 — then ran.

The victim had just made a purchase at around 4:15 pm, and was putting his money back into his pocket when the unknown perp snatched the $102 and dashed off.

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