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Ruffian bashes man in the head with a scooter

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Scooter smash

A rogue bashed a man in the head with a scooter on the Boardwalk on July 3.

The victim told police that he was walking near Ocean Parkway just after midnight when the man bumped into him. The ruffian became irate and screamed, “You want to fight, this is my son’s scooter,” according to a police report.

The brute then split the man’s head open with the scooter before booking it down the Boardwalk, officials said.

Bite me

Police arrested a woman who they say bit a police officer on Stillwell Avenue on July 2.

The officer was responding to a 911 call near Mermaid Avenue just before midnight when he tried to calm the woman down, but she began flailing her arms and bit the man’s left hand, according to a police report. The officer also sustained a scrape to his knee as he cuffed the woman, authorities said.

Face the music

Cops cuffed a man for whacking a guy in the face with a guitar on the Boardwalk on July 6.

The victim was near Ocean Parkway at 1 pm when the musician suddenly attacked him, bashing him twice in the face, said police. The blows caused multiple cuts to his face and a possible eye fracture, according to a police report.

Back stabber

A cretin stabbed a man several times after an argument at a Boardwalk watering hole on July 7.

The two men got into an argument at a seaside bar near Ruby Jacob Walk at 2 am, officials said. But things turned violent when the baddie brandished a blade and stabbed the man five times in the back as he was leaving, said police.

Emergency responders rushed the man to Lutheran Medical Center, officials said.


A cad attacked and robbed a woman on Bowery Street on July 4.

The woman was near W. 12th Street at 1 am when she was pulled to the ground by her hair, according to authorities. The brute scratched the woman’s face, neck, arms, and kicked her legs before grabbing her diamond earrings, according to a police report.

— Caroline Spivack

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